Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sometimes I try to figure out a way that I can suck on a big fat cock and still keep it anonymous. I mean, there's always online - but it's tough when you can't share a face pic. And I worry about bumping into someone who knows me at the bookstore or baths. How do other guys do it?

I've been thinking of setting up a temporary gloryhole for one night. Just off the back porch. Put up some ads and taste some different flavours of cock. With no strings attached and absolute anonimity, it's the perfect solution for the moment. I don't live with my BF and the thought of working over a nice hard shaft has my briefs wet with pre-cum.

I haven't done it yet. But it's an idea.

How It Is

Yeah, I have a boyfriend - and we're madly in love. Really, truly.

Don't try to psycho-analyze things and think we're not, or that somethings wrong - cuz nothing's wrong. It's very normal for the sex to diminish in frequency as a relationship progresses, and when we do have sex, it's awesome.

But when I get horny, I think of all those hard cocks out there and all the wonderful pleasure I want to give them, all the intense sensations they can give me.

A part of me wants to fulfill those slutty inhibitions. And when I think of doing it discretely, safely - for purely sexual thrills - my dick stands at full attention.

You can think that I'm wrong, because I probably am, but I also think I'm normal - though I may be the only one to admit it. Sex is sex, and I get turned on by the idea of secretly being a bit of whore.

I have one life to live - is there anything wrong with having a few dirty secrets that I share only with myself - and maybe you?


A good half of the time, I could care less about sex.

A good half of the time, it doesn't even cross my mind.

But that other half. God, it's filthy.

I fantasize about cocks of all shapes and size, cut, uncut, curved. Thick, mushroom heads, veiny. I picture myself sucking them, getting down on my knees and worshipping them. I don't care who they're attached to. I just want that hot piece of throbbing meat in my mouth. I need it there. I ache for it.

I want to feel hands on the back of my head, pushing me down, hips thrusting up, thrusting cock in my mouth, making me gag. I want to be a tool for pleasure.

Thinking about it now, writing about it. I'm rock hard.

Still, it goes further.

I want to get turned around, bent over. I want to feel the head of that dick I just slobbered all over rub against my ass.

I watch bareback porn, but I don't fantasize about doing it. I find the idea of it hot, the jizz oozing out of the cock into my ass and the raw skin against skin - but there are too many diseases out there, so I always fantasize as realistically as possible (that's ironic, no?)- of how it could all go down...I imagine myself getting pounded as some anonymous top plows away at my ass, precum leaking out of my cock.

And further.

All of this is leading up to the ultimate reward. Cum. The release. In my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat. His groans of pleasure, the twitching of his balls and pulsing of his shaft.

Sometimes, when I'm really dirty - it goes one step further and I stay on my knees and keep my lips wrapped around his dick while he unleashes his piss in my mouth and I swallow it all.

I have so many dirty fantasies and when I'm horny, at least half of all the time, I get lost in thought about big cocks and tight ass and hot, tasty jizz.

It's all so fucking hot.

Sometimes, when I'm really dirty - it goes one step further and I stay on my knees and keep my lips wrapped around his dick while he unleashes his piss in my mouth and I swallow it all.

It's all so fucking hot.