Thursday, September 17, 2009

How It Is

Yeah, I have a boyfriend - and we're madly in love. Really, truly.

Don't try to psycho-analyze things and think we're not, or that somethings wrong - cuz nothing's wrong. It's very normal for the sex to diminish in frequency as a relationship progresses, and when we do have sex, it's awesome.

But when I get horny, I think of all those hard cocks out there and all the wonderful pleasure I want to give them, all the intense sensations they can give me.

A part of me wants to fulfill those slutty inhibitions. And when I think of doing it discretely, safely - for purely sexual thrills - my dick stands at full attention.

You can think that I'm wrong, because I probably am, but I also think I'm normal - though I may be the only one to admit it. Sex is sex, and I get turned on by the idea of secretly being a bit of whore.

I have one life to live - is there anything wrong with having a few dirty secrets that I share only with myself - and maybe you?

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