Saturday, October 24, 2009

Started Something

I'm frustrated that there's no community out there. Guys cheat. I believe Gay guys cheat cuz there's double the chance. There's no woman and let's be honest, women attach emotions to sex and men don't. For us, sex can be just that - fucking.

Everywhere you search on the internet, it's people who frown on cheating and assume guys are doing it because something's wrong with the relationship. While I agree that it can sometimes be that way, I don't believe that's always or even usually the case.

It's natural. Animal. Men are meant to sow their seeds, its what our dicks tell us to do - in as many opportunities/holes as possible. The trouble comes when people don't acknowledge their wants and needs, compromise in their heads.

And as long as you're being safe about it, and not engaging with another person emotionally (which is what I believe true cheating it) then I don't see the harm. (Also discretion. As long as nobody knows about it. Just you and the guy sucking your cock. Not your best girlfriend, nobody. Out of respect for your partner.)

I also don't see the point in talking about it, in having an open-relationship. Making it formualic is not the point, in fact it bypasses part of the reason cheating is attractive. It's something private and in a relationship there's very little place for you to have something to keep to yourself.

I'm sure much of this is hypocritical, but it makes sense to me.