Saturday, June 5, 2010


Was feeling particularly horny yesterday so took a trip down to the local bathhouse.

I've never been on a Friday night before and the place was packed.

Unfortunately, it quieted down as I got hornier and by the time I was ready to shoot my load there was no one attractive around for me to feed it to!

It was not an unproductive evening though. I met two guys at separate times upstairs where there's a bunch of glory holes set up at two levels (so the cock sucker can stand and suck cuz that dick is at just the right level).

And although I can say that i've only really experienced average cocks in my life, the two guys I met both had standout dicks, one wasn't very long, but it was super thick, and the other was...well, perfect. You know the type. Just the right width and long enough to be a challenge to deep throat.

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