Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sauna Experience

There's always a little anxiety as you walk up to that door. That door itself is usually unmarked or fairly vague about what's on the other side. You always ask yourself: who's going to see me go inside? More importantly - who's inside?

When I visit a sauna, or bathhouse, I only hook-up about 50% of the time. A lot of the time I just want to be in an ambiance that's dripping with sex. I like walking around, see who's getting their ass banged in the sling room or getting their cock sucked in the hallway.

It's not an easy experience for me - despite how this blog makes me sound, it's a little nerve racking to roam those hallways in just a towel, making eye contact and looking for sex in such an obvious way.

I am always confused by guys who seem to go to the sauna socially, like with friends. You hear them talking and laughing in the hallway. To me, the sounds of a sauna are thumping bass, hushed whispers and the occasional groan of pleasure.

I find it a treat to get a room beside a particularly active participant and listen to them as they get ravaged. The walls shake and I lean my ear close to hear every juicy act occurring only inches away.

To me, whether you're getting it on or not, it's a downright sexy experience!