Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sauna on a Friday Night

Up until now I've always venture to gay saunas at off-peak times. Call me shy or hesitant, but I like the idea of exploring these sex stained establishments when nobody's around and get the feel for the places. I find it a lot easier to explore and establish your bearings when you're not being followed around by a plethora of men trying to lure you into a dark corner.

This past Friday was my first time venturing out on a Friday night, visiting this male bathhouse during the very peak time of bar closing time.

It was a very different experience from anything I've experienced in the past. The fact that I decided to go to more of manly oriented sauna made the entire night out quite different than anything I'd experienced in the past.

There were men, oh yes there were men. Not as many as I expected, but far more than I'd ever experienced before. Some were wearing leather, some jockstraps and some were walking around naked. I decided to wear my jockstrap if only to advertise that I was looking to get fucked.

As I strolled around the 4 floors that comprise this particular sauna, I so many things I'd never seen before. Nearly every second door was ajar, with either a guy with his ass up in the air waiting to get fucked by some anonymous prick, or some dude was lying on his bed stroking his cock.

Occasionally I'd pass by a room that had a little cock sucking going on and those involved in the erotic behaviour were more than happy to put on a show.

I passed by guys on leather swings with their legs high in the air getting their asses pounded in the near darkness, a few other guys stroking themselves, watching, waiting their turn.

There were some gloryholes on each floor but the ones in the basement were the most active. When I discovered them they were rattling with the sounds of one guy fucking another through the hole. Hot anonymous fucking.

On the ground floor, some dude wearing a very sexy jockstrap was bent over a wooden horse, blindfolded with his ass up in the air. Some sexy muscle stud was feeding him his cock while another guy pounded his ass and onlookers watched.

A very different experience for me.

As I passed by the sauna and moved to look in through the glass window, some young boys face was pressed up against it from the other side. He was obviously getting fucked and the top was holding him in place against the door. His face slid up and down the door and he moaned in ecstasy as the door shuttered.

For all the sexiness going on, there were some downsides: a couple of active voyeurs who wouldn't get the idea to get their hands off, one particular bottom who tried pushing himself up against any dick he could find wasn't getting the message to lay off.

At one point, one guy with a very nice long and girthy cock become the subject of much fascination and I watched as he stuck his unsheathed cock into one bottom, thrust a couple of times and then move on to the next. With or without a condom, the sheer health risks made me lose my erection and I decided to call it a night.

Don't get me wrong. I think bareback sex is hot, in porn or with someone you love and trust - but between strangers it's just plain irresponsible. I know we assume that the people taking the risks, know the risks involved but it doesn't change anything. It's just too dangerous, and I'm talking about more than HIV.

Other than that, it was a very hot night and I'd certainly want to pass by on a Friday night again!

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