Sunday, May 1, 2011

Man oh Man

Spring has sprung and so has my passion for cock. It seems nearly every day I'm walking around with a big hard lump in my underwear. Horny thoughts are passing through my mind at an ever-increasing pace.

And I've been in idulging in those thoughts and turning some into realities :-)

First off, I have not had many opportunities for piss play in my life - but I'm into it, particularly when I'm really horny (like I've been lately, right?). So the other day I met this guy on Manhunt. Mid-thirties, very nice cock, and he seemed up to indulging my watersports fantasy - which was to have a nice aggressive top who just starts pissing down my throat while I'm sucking his cock.

I had no idea what I was in store for.

1. He had the biggest cock I've ever handled. I was on my knees when he walked and when I unbuckled his jeans and this big thick piece of meat flopped out, I was in love - but that coupled with...

2. He was an agressive top even with oral. This guy was slamming my head down hard on his fuck stick, shoving that prick so far down the back of my throat I was gagging but had no choice other than to take it. I'd gag, but get rock hard everytime he shoved his cock all the way. But don't forget...

3. My piss play idea. This guy has drank so much water and he knew exactly what I wanted. He wouldn't let me pull off of his dick when he'd start pissing and suddenly I'd found my mouth full of his warm piss and I'd have to swallow repeatedly and without hesitation in order to not spill any out. Sometime he'd let out a stream of piss when his cock was all the way at the back of my throat and hold my head down as he emptied right down to my stomach.

This guy lasted a long time and my jaw (and knees) were aching. When he came, he grabbed the back of my head and moaned. My nose was deep was right up against him as his balls met my chin and his entire shaft pulsed in my mouth as he shot straight down my throat. He held me there, and again unloaded some more of his piss and then left.

That's exactly what these encounters are meant for. Just sex. Not looking for friendship, just to get off - like horny animals.

Had another guy come over last night. I have less to say about him but he had another amazing cock (I've been doing good lately) and came buckets. He was a very attractive 25 year middle eastern student from the nearby university with an amazing body.

Simply amazing.


  1. Not into pee myself, but reading your story got me rock hard!

  2. love to be dominated by a huge cock.

  3. that story was hot.