Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sexy Animals

    There is something animalistic about sex.
    Men parade around as proper gentlemen in society. They stop at red lights, wear suits and ties and engage in everyday conversation, all the while pretending to ignore the prick in their pants that gets hard dozens of times a day.
    And when it gets hard there are always urges that follow, though most of the time men let the urges pass. They let their semi-hard cock soften rather than continue it’s natural evolution. A hard cock wants attention, wants to be touched and sucked and fuck. It wants to shoot. Then, it can soften.
    But the proper gentlemen of society seem to let the urge dissipate. Why? Because their spouse isn’t around? Because the location isn’t appropriate? Because society would deem it rather improper for men to act on their urges whenever they came about.
    Yet, when the right time presents itself - these well-dressed, traffic light respecting gentlemen are quick to throw off their clothes, get on their knees and hungrily slobber over a big hard cock or stick their own throbbing dicks inside someone else with feverish thrusting and primal grunts.

Some men just can’t wait for their spouses or the right location.
    Any man with a hard dick or a willing mouth is good enough and the back seat of a car or shopping mall bathroom are sufficient privacy to release their animalistic urges.
    Here we all are, proper members of society who, when the urge overcomes us, like nothing more than to be mounted and fucked, spit and pissed on, sweaty, orgasm-seeking beings of pleasure.
    It’s all pretty hot.