Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Public Displays

 Those of you who've been following my site know how much I get turned on by fucking or swapping blowjobs in public places. What you may not know is how much I also love a good thriller. When I'm not on Grindr looking for a nice juicy cock to sit on, I'm usually nose deep in a book.

I've never promoted another site or product on this site, but I just finished reading a book that had me so fucking horny, my jeans have a huge wet spot from where I was leaking pre-cum while reading it. What's awesome is it's a real book too with a thriller aspect to it, and it involves all of the themes I love like sex in public spaces, agressive tops, cheating boyfriends - the whole lot! It's also a quick read, which I appreciate.

Anyway, "Public Displays" seems to only be available on Amazon and it's 99 cents (for now, it's on sale) which is a steal even if I only read it once or twice. You don't need a kindle to read it either as Amazon lets you read your books online. It's the first part of a three part series.

Write a review of "Public Display" on Amazon and leave copy of it in the comments to win a copy of the next installment for free!

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