Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sex On The Beach

My boyfriend and I recently went on vacation to this great resort about half an hour outside of Los Angeles. The place was gorgeous and, as usual (especially if I'm writing about it), I was horny. The only trouble: my guy wasn't. I think I've explained it here before but he has a really low sex drive and since we were sharing the room with a straight couple of friends he just wasn't up to being creative with a location.

Believe me, I made my intentions known (walking around in my underwear with a massive hard-on, rubbing my hole up against his package while we snuggled in bed) but he didn't respond to my advances and propositions. It's in cases like these where I feel fully within my right to find sexual gratification elsewhere. Don't get me wrong. I get it. I'm not always in the mood (though to be honest, I'm rarely against giving or getting a blowjob) but an erection is a terrible thing to waste.

We were lying in bed and again, he'd rejected my advances and I was itching for cock. So I decided, just for fun, to look around on Grindr. Adjusting the brightness on my blackberry to be as discrete as possible (since he and our straight friends were asleep). There were a few interesting guys, but none of the scenarios really worked because I couldn't leave my BF for very long in case he woke up and I definitely couldn't invite somebody over.

Then this college looking kid made a suggestion of meeting up on the beach. It was dark out but the moon was unobstructed in the sky. The idea turned me on. I explained I just wanted to blow him and that I'd pass him by on the beach and he should follow me until I kneeled down. Then he should stand beside me, unzip, whip it out and stick it in my mouth. I didn't want to talk or get to know each other. Just get straight to business and fulfill my need to satisfy a needful cock. The guy didn't have a dick pic which I always find off-putting, but I was too horny to worry about it. When I asked him how big it was, he said I'd like it. Usually guys with small dicks say that, but at this point I was beyond caring.

I whispered to my boyfriend that I was going to take a walk and get fresh air.  He mumbled back fine.

I headed out full of nerves and was at the beach in seconds. It was dark but deserted. A few moments of standing and looking out at the dark waves and I saw the silhouette of someone approaching from the north. I started walking in his direction. It was too dark to see faces, but when I passed him he turned and followed.

I walked, and he followed me up to the dunes that separated my resort from the beach. It didn't offer much coverage, but it was the best I could do. So I got down on my knees in the sand and the guy stood beside me and unzipped.

This kid had a huge fucking cock. I could barely get my mouth around it. Usually guys who don't show dick pics have something to be embarrassed about but I guess this guy genuinely hadn't gotten around to snapping a shot of his beautiful cock. And he was aggressive, shoving his cock down my throat and making me gag. I was turned on and raging inside my swim shorts. My mouth full of hard cock and the sounds of the waves, the sand below my knees and the hazy lights of the resort behind me. I really wanted this guy to fuck me and stretch my hole but we'd agreed on a blowjob, I hadn't brought a condom (and no, contrary to other bloggers here, I only bareback with my boyfriend) plus he was already starting to show signs he was close.

When he came, he shot down my throat - I could feel his shaft spasming on my tongue - and he let his cock soften in my mouth before putting it back in his shorts and walking away.

It was over too soon, but a very hot experience.

You ever fuck on the beach or outside?

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