Friday, March 22, 2013

Blowing The Family Man

So work has brought me to Disney World in Orlando. Usually theme parks are not my thing (the kids usually get on my nerves during the first few hours). Work had put us up for a conference at The Contemporary Resort.

Naturally, I fired up Grindr to see what interesting people would be around. I assumed there might be one or two horny dads who were fed up of having their wives avoid taking care of their (hopefully) massive and fully loaded cocks.

This sexy Dad of about 35 messaged me saying he just wanted a blowjob and someone who'd be up for swallowing his load. Luckily that's somewhat of an area of expertise for me. Unfortunately, work had me sharing rooms so neither of our rooms were an option (his had his wife and sons in it) - so I proposed meeting by the food court. I told him I'd leave the last stall door unlocked and he could come in and join me. I told him no talking, not even to warn me he was coming - after all, don't want to get caught.

I didn't expect him to flake and he didn't, he came into my stall, fed me his fat cock, grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat until he shot his load past my lips and tongue. A huge and tasty load.

Then he left. Magical times.

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