Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Broad Daylight Resort Head

 That last fucking hot story wasn't the only sex I had on this trip. I'm only getting around to writing about it now, but I've been such an active cocksucker and bottom I'm going to finally get around to sharing my stories now.

The resort we were staying at had an entire section of it that was being renovated. Fenced off and, once the construction men went home at 5, it also happened to be completely deserted. The married man I'd sucked off in the bathroom stall had left me horny and now I was in the mood for a dedicated cocksucker to worship my cock. It really was a public service since I was walking around my resort with a massive boner tenting my shorts and that's just fucking unacceptable.

I'd met up with a few guys in Florida before (check back on the stories) and one particularly enthusiastic slut who'd gulped down my load by the resort tennis courts a year ago should be in the area, I thought. Unfortunately, I had no memory of what his profile looked like so I spent the better part of an afternoon looking. Eventually he popped on and surprise surprise he was horny and looking to have the head of my cock meet the back of his throat.

We met up by one of the quiet pools - where families were playing and barbecuing and having a generally wholesome good time. Taking a stroll along the golf cart path, we only spoke a little.

"Been good?" I asked, my cock already getting hard at the prospect of what was coming.
"Yeah. Where's your boyfriend?"
"Conference." I said, "He's hard at work." We had, in fact, fucked the night before - I'd been incredibly horny in the humid heat, and my ass was still feeling sore - but now that his balls were empty he wouldn't be horny again for a few days (low sex drive). Unfortunately, since we were sharing the hotel room with friends (who don't really need to know I'm a horn-dog), bringing this trick back to my room wasn't in the cards. I call him a trick cuz I can't remember his name, doesn't really matter though does it? Just have a passion for gagging on cock and swallowing loads and we're BFF's.
"I'm hard." The guys said, "I want your cock man.""

We approached the section of the resort was under construction and slipped around some bushes and suddenly we were in this gorgeously landscaped hotel which was completely abandoned. The rooms, unfortunately, were all locked so I was going to have to get this cocksucker on his knees in broad daylight. Whatever. I was horny. As we scoped the place out, I could tell he was salivating for my load. His words were becoming dirtier and dirtier and he kept running his hands over the bulge in my shorts.
"Man, that's bigger than I remember." He said.

Growing impatient, I finally leaned against the wall and told him to get to work. He got on his knees and slowly unzipped, murmuring that it was like opening a Christmas Present. I ran my hand over the back of his head and suggested that most Christmas presents didn't rape his mouth the way I was about to.

He got to work, but a few minutes later, a sound made us both nervous so we moved around to find a better spot. Eventually, we stumbled across a utility closet which we ducked into. We left the door open a crack so I could see him suck my dick, which he immediately got back to work on. Here, I felt more comfortable and proceeded to hold his head in place and fuck his face. I drew out the experience, having him lick my balls and underneath but eventually the time came. I'd been horny and edging for days and I'd warned him I'd be feeding him a big load but I don't think he expected it to be that big, and he did his best to swallow as I shot jet after jet down his throat. He gulped it down, but a thick stream escaped the side of his lips and dribbled down his chin.

Moments later, I zipped up and we both exited the utility closet and parted ways on the golf cart path.