Saturday, July 27, 2013

Slutty Florida Resort Climax

I have to apologize for the lack of updates. I wish I could say that I haven't had time to write because I've been out being a huge slut, getting plowed by massive cocks and swallowing loads, but that would be a lie. The truth is I've been busy with work and I haven't had time for many hookups or time to write about the few I've had.

But then I realized I never finished my Florida vacation story. Between blowing that married man in the bathroom stall at the Disney resort and unloading my own balls down a cast members throat in a deserted part of the resort, I had time to have two more strange cock experiences.

One was daring but extremely unremarkable, the other may have been the best fuck of my life. I should also take a moment to mention that these four encounters all took place during a two day window.

I've already explained that my boyfriend was busy at a conference and we were staying with friends so the hotel room wasn't a convenient location for sex, so that first evening when I started chatting on Grindr with a horny guy who was in the same hotel complex as I was, I made the offer short but sweet "be naked. Leave your hotel room unlocked. I'm going to come over, blow you, swallow your load, and leave. I can only get away for 10 minutes." That was the truth, my friends were on the other side of the hotel room planning an evening in Downtown Disney. The guy, young but just average looks, sounded up for it. He was visiting with a friend who was out at the parks.

I told my friends I was going to fill up my mug and headed down a floor and across the small cluster of buildings to the next unit, where I found the door unlocked and my grindr friend standing by the bed naked and waiting. It was a pretty standard blow and go. He had an average cock and came fairly quickly. The thrill was more exciting than the deed.

After alternating my roles, the last encounter was set to become the most exciting. Up until now everything had been oral related but the guy I started chatting with on grindr that night had a massive cock that made my asshole twitch. I knew I wanted it pounding me.

So we made plans to meet on the golf path. I would pass him and he would follow me. Where I was going, I had no idea. Even once I passed him, I wasn't sure. It was dark and we were headed to the deserted part of the resort. He suggested we jump the railing of one of the ground floor balconies. "There's a table you can lie on your back on." He didn't have to tell me twice.

After jumping over I unleashed his massive cock from his briefs. The pictures hardly did any justice. Us piece of meat was huge. I tried cramming it all in my mouth and down my throat but could only ,abbĂ© get two thirds of the way. I worked that fuck stick until it was throbbing hard. The plan was to be quiet but I'm fairly sure any passerby would have heard the slurping, gagging and moaning coming from me. My own cock was dripping precum in my jogging pants. 

When he suggested I lay on my back on the table I pulled out the condon and Lund I'd brought. He discarded the condom, preferring to use the magnum sized one he had brought and absolutely  required. The feeling of his huge cock head up against my hole urged me to take a deep breathe and as she lid the length of what I an only assume was his 9" fuck stick all the way in, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. He proceeded to fuck me intensely, and it was impossible for me not to grunt and moan in pleasure despite our risky location. We changed positions a few times, with me on all fours on the balcony floor and then bent over the railing, looking out over the resort while he rammed and pumped his cock all the way in and out of my ass. Despite the violent assault and aggressive assault, he took a long time cumming. By the time he pulled out and instructed me to get on my knees, my hole was gaping and I felt myself overcome with the urge to have that huge cock buried balls deep down my throat while it erupted, shooting straight down into my stomach. When the pace of the face fucking I was receiving increased and the anonymous huge dicked man announced he was cumming, I managed somehow to deepthroat that cock until my nose was buried in his neatly trimmed  pubic hair. He held me down and I stuck my tongue out to lick his balls, feeling them tighten as he started spamming in my throat, shooting his hot juice directly past my mouth. I jerked myself to a balcony soaking orgasm as I felt his cock pump in my mouth.

Act done, he zipped up and jumped the railing. That concludes my vacation stories ;-)