Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I realize I may not have been the best at chronicling my sexploits over the past few months. I feel that it basically comes down to me realizing that this blog was meant to be a way for me to keep track and remember, not necessarily dazzle you readers with fancy grammar.

I've been fairly non-sexual for the first half of the summer. I'm like that. I go through periods where I just happily jerk off once a day and that keeps my horniness in check. But eventually, I hold off on pleasuring myself and then my sexual appetite grows to require something more.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I was just in one of those states of mind where all I can think about is cock. Gotta do something about that. If I'm thinking about it, it's for a reason. I don't think about delicious, succulent , juicy cheeseburgers when I'm not hungry, right?

So I had all these nasty visions on my mind and started conveying them to some guys on Grindr to see who else was interested in helping me clear my head. This 28 year old guy with a picture of his big dick said he'd be happy to meet me down by the river and take care of my urge to get dirty and slutty.

So around midnight I follow this really cute kid into the bushes by the river - gotta admit I was fucking nervous, being out in the open like that - but horniness trumps nerves, cuz I followed him and he immediately unzipped and I got to my knees. No "Hello", No 'My name is..." just the sound of his zipper had me on my knees in the dark. 

His cock was soft but already quite large, with a lot of foreskin (which I love). I slowly let it slide into my mouth and almost immediately, his hands were at the back of my head as my mouth started to fill with his piss. I heard him sigh in relief as I gulped every drop his hardening cock had to offer. Once he was fully erect and no longer had to piss, he fucked my face and while I was trying my best to stay quiet I was so fucking horny that my moans and slurps would probably have been obvious tells to anyone passing by. By this point my shorts were soaked in precum. I'm not exaggerating. Having a big dick shoved down my throat is oftentimes enough to make me cum hands free.

He motioned for me to stand up, while he got on his knees and as he licked my balls he slid a finger, then two up my ass. If I wasn't hard before I was now absolutely rock grade.

He had me turn around and lean against a tree, I handed him the condom and applied some lube. 

It took a few hits of poppers before I could take his full cock - it was  that big - but after a few more hits I was actively  engaged in an intense fuck that went back and forth between his ravenous pounding and my backing myself up aggressively on his dick.

The plan had been for me to swallow his load, but I guess my ass was so tight or my pounding so intense that he shot inside.

While I'm feeling better today, I have so many fucking mosquito bites.


  1. Bugs are always a problem with outdoor sex, but so trilling.

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