Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Airport Layover

I forget how it started. I mean, I don't know what got me horny. It doesn't take much. My boyfriend and I were bored at an airport hotel coming back from our visit with family in Chicago. We were just cuddling on the bed watching TV. Maybe there was a sex scene in the movie. I can't remember. I'm easily inspired. So I started making out with my boyfriend, but he was clearly not horny. My kisses and caresses were not being reciprocated with much enthusiasm.

So of course, when he said he was going to shower I loaded up Scruff to see who was around. I wasn't expecting to find much, other than some inspiration to jerk off over later, and was surprised when I almost immediately received a message.

The guys location said 0 feet. I immediately assumed he must be at the hotel. His photo showed a very attractive preppy guy who looked to be in his late twenties.

Him: Horny?

Me: Yeah.

Him: Looking?

Me: Not really. BF is here.

Him: Into? Top?

I was about to reply that I usually bottom, when I thought about how I really never get to fuck anybody anymore. With my boyfriend being a 100% top and me usually in the mood to be dominated, it had been a long time since I'd stuck my cock in anybody. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I fucked somebody.

Me: Vers

I heard the shower turn on and we continued chatting. It turned out he was a flight attendant staying at the same hotel. We swapped pics. His ass pics had me raging hard. A fucking gorgeous puckered hole framed in a jock. His response to my dick pics was immediate.

Him: Come to my room. We can be quick.

I protested. There wouldn't be enough time. The truth was I was already shifting gears from making smart decisions with my brain to dumb decisions with my cock. I'd been chatting with him while watching guys fuck on xtube and was tugging on my balls with one hand. Watching the porn I started thinking again about how guys are born to bury their bone and I hadn't buried mine in awhile.

When he said his room number, which was on the same floor, I took it as a sign. I told him we had to be quick. I grabbed a condom and lube from my bag and slipped quietly out the door. My heart was racing as I walked down the hall, if not from the risky scenario then from the fact I had a wet spot on my jogging pants from our dirty chat. Would my boyfriend notice I was missing? I could always say I went to find the vending machines.

I knocked and the guy opened immediately. His picture was accurate. He must have just come out of the shower as he was only wrapped in a towel. He let me in and was pretty much on his knees before the door had fully closed behind me, tugging my jogging pants down releasing my precum leaking, raging cock.

Fuck. I've tried to describe enthusiastic blowjobs before, but this guy was clearly fucking horny and craving cock. Spitting on my dick, deepthroating, working my balls. When his mouth wasn't full he was laying on the dirty talk, saying things like 'Man, your cock is so big. You taste so good. I want this big prick in my ass." I could see his airline uniform laying on the edge of the bed. Fuck, we hadn't even made it to the bed.

I had to slow him down to stop  from cumming. I'd been in the room only a minute or two. I didn't have much time but he had me in the mindset to fuck. Watching this cute guy I didn't know go to town on my cock was fucking awesome and my dick was glistening with saliva and precum. His towel had fallen and he was stroking his own huge cock which looked uncomfortably hard.

I pulled his head off my dick and told him I wanted to fuck him. He stood up and turned towards the wall while I took the condom out. I was still ripping it open as he spit on my dick and started guiding it towards his ass. I really wasn't thinking with my head, just how good it would feel to fuck this guy bare and he was clearly flagging me in. I dropped the condom and pushed him up against the wall. Spitting in my hand, I lubed up his hole and pressed the head of my dick against his hole. He moaned and put his hands on my sweaty ass cheeks, pushing me into him. Pants still around my ankles, I pushed into him. The feeling of his hot, tight hole enveloping my shaft was mind-blowing. Why didn't I fuck more? So hot, soft and welcoming. He moaned and pushed me all the way in, balls deep, into his ass.

We fucked. Up against the wall. It was rough. Loud. Sweaty. I held him down and jerked him off while I pounded his hole. He was taking hits of poppers (where the fuck did they come from?) and backing up aggressively on my cock.  I shot my load as deep as it would go and felt his hole expand and contract as he shot his massive load on the wall. It felt awesome filling this guy with my seed and he whimpered as we pressed our heaving bodies together, out of breath. Then he bent over and cleaned off my dick with his mouth.

I was out of breath as I left but still managed to get back while my boyfriend was still in the shower. I was actually in a much better mood for the rest of the night.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Boyfriend is Home

Fuck. I've been edging all week, have my poppers and weed ready, and have been playing with my hole because all I can think about is cock. My boyfriend was going away for the weekend and all I've been thinking about is getting used and abused.

I've been taking my Prep for a few weeks now and this was finally the weekend where I could find some cocks to shoot loads in my ass but he just called and his family weekend has been cancelled. He's on his way back. So there won't be any random dudes pushing me head down into the mattress and busting a nut deep in my gut. I won't be on my knees servicing strangers all weekend.

Man, I realized I've never had sex while high on weed and was really looking forward to seeing what type of slut would emerge.

I'm so fucking thirsty for cum and desperate to be a cockhungry slut and faggot and now I've got to act behaved all weekend.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Extremely Hot Story

Hey guys - from time to time I share links to stories that turn me on and this one is fucking HOT.

It has everything that turns me on: kinky rough sex, guys on the down-low, and it's just a fucking hot read that I recommend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


When you're done. When you've passed your moment of bliss and emptied your balls. When you've left me in a sweaty panting mess, get the fuck out. I don't need to cuddle. Don't need a thanks. You just treated me like an animal. I'm drenched in sweat, lube, your spit. My hole is sore. You used it for your fucking pleasure and stretched me out. My jaw is aching from trying to cram your dick in it as often and as roughly as you wanted. My body, my sheets are wet with our sweat, yes, and all of the precum you fucked out of me. The room reeks of sex.  I can still feel you inside me, my hole is stretched and it feels amazing.  Your seed is buried deep inside me. I'm still catching my breath, which tastes like your balls and ass. That's what I smell too.  I know I didn't cum. My dick is still red and raging. This wasn't about that. This what about you cuming, busting your nut and fucking like the animal you are. So while I'm lying there, find your shirt, grab your shoes and go. Unless you need to piss or cum again. Even then, there's no need to talk. Just get right back in there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am a cocksucker.

On my knees, carpet patterns making imprints on my skin. That's the position I need to be in right now. I need to be on my knees, licking my lips, hard in jogging pants and leaking precum. And what I need in front of my face is a man. An alpha male with a need to have his cock worshipped. That looks down at my wet lips and his dick twitches with excitement at the prospoect, the need to unzip his jeans, release his cock and fuck my face. It's animalistic. It feels right. It feels right that he's horny and needs to cum. And it feels right that I am craving cock. I want to get messy. Slobber all over his cock and balls, feel it hit my face, leak all over my tongue. I want to choke on it and gag and get it all the way down my throat, feel it harden when he's all the way and his balls are resting on my chin. Because when he's fucking my mouth, and I am at the service of a beautiful cock then everything is right. Because I'm cocksucker. A cumhungry cock whore. I am not ashamed. My mouth wrapped around a warm, wet, throbbing prick is the pinnacle of my happiness. I want to suck off dick after dick until my jaw aches and my thirst is quenched. I want to taste the differences between their sweaty, salty skins and their shooting loads. I want my lips wrapped around their cocks as they explode, releasing their essence down my throat. It feels right. It feels natural. I crave cock. I want more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We both have boyfriends.

I have to say the hottest thing about my last hook-up is how quickly I went from kissing my boyfriend goodbye as he left for work to being on my back, legs over the shoulders of the muscular stud filling my hole with his dick.

What can I say? I'd been aching for it and the boyfriend wasn't in the mood at all. I'd tried some mild flirtation the night before but he wasn't getting any hints. He has a low sex drive to start, combine that with six years being together and the result is I'm just constantly craving dick and ass. I'm constantly horny and in slut mode.

So when he left for work, the guy I'd been chatting with on grindr was already sitting in the car across the street waiting for him to leave. I'll call him Mike. I've seen him out socially with his own boyfriend. They are your typical cute and proper married gays, advocating for just how normal we are (we are normal, just maybe a lot more honest about sexuality - though not these two). They parade around all of the cities bars and events, holding hands, but the taller one - Mike - every time I've seen him out, I always thought I caught a wandering eye.

Then we started chatting on Grindr it became clear we were in similar situations. He was sexually frustrated at home and just looking for a fuck buddy. I explained about my bf's low sex drive, that he wasn't into anything kinky or rough and Mike immediately struck me as someone who was into the same kinda stuff I'm into.

In fact, as my boyfriend walked out the door, he had just sent me a message saying how he really had to piss and couldn't hold it any longer. I'd been hard all morning, while my guy was in the shower and getting ready, exchanging lusty messages about what we'd do to each other. My briefs were cumstained and I couldn't stop playing with my asshole.

I know I said the hottest thing was how quickly I went from kissing my boyfriend goodbye to getting this strangers dick up my ass, and while that's hot, I've changed my mind. The hottest thing was knowing this guy had a boyfriend at home, but his dick was in me. He was fucking me. Hard. Roughly. Like his boyfriend wouldn't let him do. His eyes would roll into the back of his head in pleasure as he pounded away at my hole, and that in itself had me in heaven.

We made pleasantries as I let him into the house. Just the usual hey, what's up crap. He followed me upstairs to the bedroom that I'd been sleeping in with my guy just an hour before. The bed was still a mess.

We were both fully clothed as I got on my knees and ran my hand over the sizeable bulge in his runners. His dick felt huge.

"What do you want?" He asked me.

I remember that specifically. That he wanted to hear me say say it.

"I want your cock." I whispered, bringing my face closer to his crotch and feeling the heat radiating from it.

"Why?" He said.

I didn't know what to say.

"It's because you're a greedy cock sucking whore."

I nodded, licking my lips.

"What are you waiting for?" He asked.

With that, I ran my mouth over the shape of his shaft through his pants. Even if the fabric made it seem thicket than it was, it was still gonna be a big dick once unwrapped which I proceeded to hurry about doing.

Once I brought the waistband of his underwear down and that big fucked popped in front of my face I immediately set to work deepthroating him. I felt like an absolute slut, on my knees in my bedroom, feverishly throating his dick, gagging, slurping. When he'd push my head all the way down and I gagged, I also oozed a new jet of precum. Knowing this dick belonged to a taken man, that I was sucking it better than his boyfriend and giving him the pleasure he desired had me insatiable.

I took a break, coming up for air "Your boyfriend know you're here?"

"What do you think?" And with that he pushed my head back down his dick.

It wasn't long before he was warning me that he had to piss, "You want my piss boy? You want me to fill you up" He asked as I mumbled grunts of affirmation, he then proceeded to shove his cock down my throat and unleash his bladder directly into my stomach. It was the hottest fucking thing I'd ever experienced. He moaned as he pissed, throwing out some more erotic suggestions, "You want my sperm boy? You want me to breed your ass and fill you with my hot seed?"

Now those words sound cheesy but in the moment they were just the perfect words to get me on all fours on the bed.

My boyfriend had been gone less than half an hour as he pushed his fat dick into my ass. It was much bigger than my guys, but within moments we were fucking loudly, in ways that we couldn't at home. None of it lasted long before we shot huge loads and he left.

Fucking Awesome Monday.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quickie at the Food Court

 I'm on my knees furiously sucking his dick. I'm sure it would be obvious if anyone looked under the stall partition that there's more than one of us in the stall. At this point, with his cock in my mouth working towards it's reward, I can barely worry about it.

It's that feeling. That warm, soft skin passing through my lips, moving back and forth on my tongue. The intimacy of having his most sensitive and pleasurable part inside of me. The part that he keeps hidden from most, revealed only by the slight outline in his jeans, that gives him the most joy is now getting the most joy, while I'm on my knees - in heaven - getting my face fucked.

It's that taste. A little salty, mixed with the drops of precum that keep coating my tongue. The most delicious elixir and a clue that I'm doing my job well.

The smell. He's clean. I smell soap, but I can also smell the sweat radiating from his balls. It drives me crazy.

But this is what it's really about: it's about when that cock gets hard in my mouth, his balls lift up and I am giving him, his cock, all of him an absolutely mind-numbingly incredible orgasm.It's about it shooting, delivering that load that I work for, that I crave and need.

Then we can both go back to having clear heads for a little while.