Wednesday, June 10, 2015


When you're done. When you've passed your moment of bliss and emptied your balls. When you've left me in a sweaty panting mess, get the fuck out. I don't need to cuddle. Don't need a thanks. You just treated me like an animal. I'm drenched in sweat, lube, your spit. My hole is sore. You used it for your fucking pleasure and stretched me out. My jaw is aching from trying to cram your dick in it as often and as roughly as you wanted. My body, my sheets are wet with our sweat, yes, and all of the precum you fucked out of me. The room reeks of sex.  I can still feel you inside me, my hole is stretched and it feels amazing.  Your seed is buried deep inside me. I'm still catching my breath, which tastes like your balls and ass. That's what I smell too.  I know I didn't cum. My dick is still red and raging. This wasn't about that. This what about you cuming, busting your nut and fucking like the animal you are. So while I'm lying there, find your shirt, grab your shoes and go. Unless you need to piss or cum again. Even then, there's no need to talk. Just get right back in there.

1 comment:

  1. That is so fuckin hot, the way you put it... It's also not the way I operate 90% of the time. I quasi cuddle and ask banal or intimate questions in a detached way, not cause I really care but because I wanna get closer to molest your soul. 'Cause I'm gonna fuck all of you.