Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am a cocksucker.

On my knees, carpet patterns making imprints on my skin. That's the position I need to be in right now. I need to be on my knees, licking my lips, hard in jogging pants and leaking precum. And what I need in front of my face is a man. An alpha male with a need to have his cock worshipped. That looks down at my wet lips and his dick twitches with excitement at the prospoect, the need to unzip his jeans, release his cock and fuck my face. It's animalistic. It feels right. It feels right that he's horny and needs to cum. And it feels right that I am craving cock. I want to get messy. Slobber all over his cock and balls, feel it hit my face, leak all over my tongue. I want to choke on it and gag and get it all the way down my throat, feel it harden when he's all the way and his balls are resting on my chin. Because when he's fucking my mouth, and I am at the service of a beautiful cock then everything is right. Because I'm cocksucker. A cumhungry cock whore. I am not ashamed. My mouth wrapped around a warm, wet, throbbing prick is the pinnacle of my happiness. I want to suck off dick after dick until my jaw aches and my thirst is quenched. I want to taste the differences between their sweaty, salty skins and their shooting loads. I want my lips wrapped around their cocks as they explode, releasing their essence down my throat. It feels right. It feels natural. I crave cock. I want more.


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