Sunday, March 6, 2016

Balcony Fuck

We're on the balcony of my airport hotel.

It's nighttime.

He's sitting on a chair, overlooking the city, and I'm sitting on his lap. I'm using the railing of the balcony for support as I bounce up and down on his cock. Anyone could look up and see my own hard cock flopping around as I slide up and down on his pole.

We'd met at the hotel bar. A little chit-chat. I mean, we had just met and he was already seven inches inside me, filling my hole and moaning about how good it felt.

Feeling the fresh air on my body, on my balls, I feel alive and ride him harder until he says he's going to shoot. Those are the magic words. I back myself up on him, pushing hard against his crotch so that his cock is buried as deeply as possibly, down to the balls. He lets out an animalistic moan as he unloads. I can feel him contract and expand inside of me which prompts me to blow my own load all over the concrete balcony without even having to touch my own dick. Just the feeling of his own dick twitching and shooting is enough for me to bust.

We're both out of breathe.

Fucking fantastic.


  1. I love it when a bottom cums from my fuck, but rare as that is even rarer when my load is what sets him off. Nice job! I'm kinda interested in how you struck up a conversation with the guy

  2. To be honest, we didn't have much of a conversation. We were just cruising each other over drinks. I gave him fuck me eyes, he rubbed his crotch and we were off.