Saturday, May 14, 2016

Drunk Fuck

I had spent the evening out drinking with friends and passed out in my bed as soon as I got home.

"Get on your fucking knees." I wake up to the sound of a mans voice.

It's dark. The world is spinning, but I do. The voice is commanding, but not threatening. Shit. I vaguely remember flirting with a few guys on grindr at the bar and before I got home, as I walked. Did I leave the door unlocked and invite someone to come over? I've done it before but I can't remember. I'm still drunk.

I haven't even had a good look at this guys face but I'm now on my knees beside the bed. I'm presented with muscular bare legs, he's wearing a jock that's jam-packed with a hard cock. Really, I can't overstate enough how full the pouch of his jockstrap appears inches from my face. I'm not thinking clearly. The alcohol is still flowing through my brain but that cock outline has my attention.

"Put your hands behind your back."


Shit. How passed out was I? This guy had the chance to completely undress. Was he watching me in bed as I slept. I'm still fully dressed from the bar.

"You want to suck my dick?"

"I do." I say, licking my lips.

"Work it out with your mouth."

He doesn't need to ask me twice. I start mouthing the fabric of his jock. The heat radiating from his meat is palpable. He smells of sweat and semen, two of my favorites.

"It's so fucking big." I moan.

"Yeah? You like big cock?"

I moan, reaching up for the waistband. He swats my hand away.

"Work it out with your mouth boy."

Man, I wish I could remember something about this guy. I try to look up but the only light in the room is behind him. All I see is silhouette. I get back to work, trying to pull his waistband down with my teeth.

"Yeah, work for that cock. Your boyfriend let's you suck off any cock you want?"

"No. He doesn't know."

I manage to get the waistband down and his cock springs out. It's huge, at least 8", uncut. I lean back on my knees to appreciate it. The world still spins and I have to use on hand to brace myself against the wall. Man, that fucking prick looks delicious, dripping with pre-cum.

"Would he be mad if I shoved this cock down your throat?"


He flexes the muscles in his cock and it bounces.

"Do you want me to shove it down your throat?"

"Fuck yes."


"Because I need it."

I must slur some part of me speech.

"You drunk?"


"Fucking slut. Getting drunk and just sucking a strangers cock when your boyfriends out  of town. You do that a lot?"


"You swallow a lot of loads?"

"As much as I can."

"Open your mouth."

I do as he says and he reaches out to tilt my head upward. He leans over and spits in my mouth. All I can do is stare at the huge cock in front of me.

"You look like you really want me to shove my cock down your throat."

"I do."

He steps out of his jock and strokes his dick, tempting me.

"What's wrong with your boyfriends cock?"

"It's not enough. I want more."

He steps forward and I drop my chin to welcome his dick. The head is salty with precum but I don't have long to taste it as he pushes his shaft past my lips. His cock is warm, smooth but hard and he holds onto my head as he tries to get me to take it all the way down to his balls. I gag but he quickly tries again. My mouth just isn't big enough. There's no romance with this guy and quickly my mouth is getting fucked. I can't deepthroat it properly. It's too big and he's wearing a metal cockring which I can't get my lips down to. My hands are still behind my back. His dirty talk continues as I work over his cock.

"What a fucking hungry cocksucker. Starving for big cock eh boy? "

I grunted an affirmative, moving to his massive balls, heavy and salty. Yum.

"On your knees beside the bed you sleep in with your boyfriend. You want me to fuck you in that bed?"

"Fuck yes." I say, drool and pre-cum dribbling down my chin.

"Maybe if you get my cock hard enough."

It's already rock hard but I continue with double the enthusiasm. It feels like such a privilege to service such a fine perfect cock. He takes it out and slaps me across the face with it. I take the time to work on his heavy bull balls, welcoming each of them into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue.

"Rim my ass." He says, spreading himself up against the wall. He doesn't need to wait as I bury my tongue deep in his crack. He spreads his cheeks to give me better access and I tongue his hole with a fevered passion. He reaches around to push my head into him.

"Oh fuck yeah." He moans, "Eat my ass out or I'll tell your boyfriend what a slut you are."

I'm rock hard in my jeans, my asshole already twitching with anticipation. I can hardly imagine what his cock will feel like spreading my hole.

He turns around and I'm sucking that dick again which is now oozing precum that I savour and swallow. It's fucking delicious and I can't get enough of it.

He throws me onto the bed and wastes no time pulling my pants and underwear down around my ankles. There's no foreplay. He throws my legs up over his shoulders and I can feel the heat of his cock in front of my asshole.

"Condom." I mumble, world still spinning.

"Fuck no," He says, spitting on my hole, "My load is going deep up your ass, boy."

I don't argue as the head of his cock pushes past my opening and I moan loudly as he fills me with the length of his cock.

"Your neighbours will hear," He says.

"I don't fucking care. Your cock feels so good."

"Better than your boyfriends?"


"Bigger than your boyfriends?"

"Fuck yes."

He slides slowly in and out and I'm seeing stars. This position just hits my prostate perfectly and my abdomen is soaked with my own juices.

"You're tight." He says, continuing to slowly pump back and forth, loosening me up.

"You're big."

"I'm going to piss."


"You want me to fill you with my hot piss?"

"Yes. Please."

Then, I feel it. The warm liquid flooding my insides. I sigh in pleasure as he unleashes what is clearly a full bladder into my ass.  I find myself backing up onto his cock, having him push his piss deeper into me.

"Little slut." He says, spitting in my mouth.

He has me pinned to the bed, filled with all eight inches of his bare cock when he holds a bottle of poppers under my nostrils. He keeps them there for quite some time and I inhale hungrily. Soon we're fucking and the headboard is rattling against the wall. He's holding onto it and I'm crumpled in a pretzel shape as he pounds my hole.

"You want my load?"

"Yes. Fucking cum in my ass." I yell, no attempt to be discrete.

"Not yet."

He spins me around and now my head is buried in the pillows while my ass is in the air getting plowed.

"I bet your boyfriend doesn't fuck you like this." He says, as he places his foot on my head, holding me down and agressively pounding my hole.

The sheets are soaked with his piss and our sweat. His hands are in my mouth and I'm sucking them. We're just two fucking animals lost in heat.

He pulls his dick out and now I'm on my knees again, cleaning it off, sucking him off again. His filthy talk continues as he pulls me up and presses me against the wall. I brace myself as the fuck intensifies.

"You ready for my load?"

"Fuck yes. I want it so bad."

His pace escalates and he fucks through his orgasm, so I don't feel him shoot, but his body tells me he's unloading. He groans loudly and pounds harder.

When he's out of breath and pulls out, a stream of jizz and piss splashes out of my ass onto the floor.

I fall back onto the bed. The world is spinning. I hear him leave.

I woke up this morning and there's lubed up hand prints on the headboard and a trail of my jizz going down the wall. The sheets are absolutely soaked. Gotta clean up before the boyfriend gets home.


  1. So.. friggin.. hot!

  2. Goddamn! Hot as fuck! Sounds like he fucked a load out of you and you shot handsfree again. Nice!

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