Thursday, July 13, 2017

I got fucked, but not by my Boyfriend

I'm still taking a stroll down memory lane. Last time I shared a story about the first time I cheated, but it's the second encounter that really shook things up. A few months later I was out of town - and horny - again, but this time I thought I'd try Grindr. It was new at the time. I didn't know what to expect.

Well, I was quite surprised to see quite a few guys in my area eager to chat and talk dirty. While that was fun and hot, I didn't really see myself hooking up with any of them. Not because they weren't attractive, but because I really liked the anonymity of what happened at the bookstore. I really wasn't looking for a connection other than a purely physical one and the idea of having to socialize to any degree didn't sound appealing.

But one guy that I was chatting to,  a younger Italian guy, kept talking about how much he needed to bust a nut and how big a load he needed to shoot. It certainly sounded appealing. So I proposed he come over to my hotel, but that I'd have the lights off. Thinking along the lines of the book store, I told him he would come in, I'd be on my knees, I'd blow him, then he would leave.

He said fine and that he'd be there in fifteen minutes.

That was the longest fifteen minutes of my life. I put on a baseball hat, turned off the lights and waited on my knees, my heart in my throat. I heard the foot steps approach the door and kept my head angled down as it opened and closed. I watched as he approached, but he wasted no time and immediately placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me towards the sizeable bulge in his jeans. He was already hard. I could feel the heat radiating through the denim. I wasted no time unzipping and releasing his cock, which was at least a few inches bigger than my boyfriends and much bigger than the guy I'd sucked off at the glory hole. This was a cock in the truest, most powerful, sense of the word, thick and veiny and dripping pre-cum. There was no foreplay with this guy. He immediately had me head in his hands and I was sucking that thing for all I was worth, gagging and deepthroating as much as I could.

I could hear him talking dirty, moaning how good my mouth felt. I was wondering if he was close to cumming, when he groaned how he wanted to fuck me.

Now, that's not even something we had discussed online and practicality-wise I had no idea how we could do that and still stay anonymous. Plus, I hadn't been fucked by anyone other than my boyfriend for three years, and even then, that wasn't very often and his dick wasn't very big. Those were all the logical thoughts running through my head, but not through the rest of my body. I could feel my asshole throb at his suggestion and really at that point, face to face with his impressive cock, I felt like throwing all logic out the window.

I didn't answer him. I didn't have a chance to. He took my hesitation as it's own form of answer.

I don't remember how we ended up from point A to point B, all I do remember is being on my back on the couch with my legs over my shoulders while this strangers cock stretched my hole. He'd put on a condom, I made sure of that, and I groaned loudly as he filled my ass with more dick than I'd had in a long time. I remember that my hat fell onto my face as he fucked me in the dark, so I really couldn't see anything and I remember that he took a long time to cum so he rammed my hole for quite awhile. Eventually he bellowed that he was cumming and shot in the condom in my ass. I was covered in sweat (his and mine) as he pulled out and zipped up. I was still breathing heavily, collapsed on the couch as he let himself out.

We had barely exchanged words.

The fuck had felt amazing and I hadn't even cum. I saw his condom lying on the floor and I remember pouring it's contents into my mouth as I jerked off in the shower. I remember rolling his jizz over my tongue while I fingered myself, admiring how stretched my hole was from the fucking that a stranger had just given me.

That was the first time I got fucked by someone other than my boyfriend.


  1. Nice story. I'm not sure who I'm reading, but I like it nonetheless!

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