Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Official: Tops Vs Bottoms!

Whenever I've posted an ad on craigslist or, I usually get a few responses, but not a lot. Certainly not as many responses as I'd expect considering the orgasmic delights I describe in my ad.

That's because I'm a bottom guy. I'm looking for big dicks to fuck me and hot spermy loads to swallow hungrily.

I guess I'm in the majority.


Because, just for fun I decided to post the opposite ad. I described myself as a top and offered to fuck some hot ass with my big dick and feed a hungry bottom slut my load.

I'm not joking when I say I got over 30 responses compared to the 8 I got for my bottoming ad. I know, it was morally and ethically wrong to post and ad I didn't intend on following up with (ha! morally and ethically on a blog like this?!) but I had a sneaking suspicion the results would turn out this way.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the bottom vs top counts are as largely swayed as the results of my posts, but it perhaps means that bottoms use in the internet to look for what they want more than tops.

What do you think?