Monday, December 12, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sexy Animals

    There is something animalistic about sex.
    Men parade around as proper gentlemen in society. They stop at red lights, wear suits and ties and engage in everyday conversation, all the while pretending to ignore the prick in their pants that gets hard dozens of times a day.
    And when it gets hard there are always urges that follow, though most of the time men let the urges pass. They let their semi-hard cock soften rather than continue it’s natural evolution. A hard cock wants attention, wants to be touched and sucked and fuck. It wants to shoot. Then, it can soften.
    But the proper gentlemen of society seem to let the urge dissipate. Why? Because their spouse isn’t around? Because the location isn’t appropriate? Because society would deem it rather improper for men to act on their urges whenever they came about.
    Yet, when the right time presents itself - these well-dressed, traffic light respecting gentlemen are quick to throw off their clothes, get on their knees and hungrily slobber over a big hard cock or stick their own throbbing dicks inside someone else with feverish thrusting and primal grunts.

Some men just can’t wait for their spouses or the right location.
    Any man with a hard dick or a willing mouth is good enough and the back seat of a car or shopping mall bathroom are sufficient privacy to release their animalistic urges.
    Here we all are, proper members of society who, when the urge overcomes us, like nothing more than to be mounted and fucked, spit and pissed on, sweaty, orgasm-seeking beings of pleasure.
    It’s all pretty hot.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slurp Ramp

It's been awhile since I've visited a bathhouse. It seems with websites like mahunt and apps like Grindr there's almost no point. But it's kinds like the difference between ordering something specific from a menu or going to a buffet.

I mean, you can find exactly what you're looking for on Grindr but if what you're really looking for is to bury your throat balls deep on as many cocks as you can and swallow loads - a bathhouse is a much better idea.

Was in Vancouver visiting some friends and decided to pass by Steamworks. Never been before and though pricey the place was packed.

I started things off doing something I never do - got to the jacuzzi and the sauna. I may be a horn dog but I'm not an exhibitionist and it's rare I feel comfortable naked in public, but I was in the mood for a visit to the jacuzzi's which were lit with blue neons and very appealing. I'm so happy I did. From where I sat in the jacuzzi I was eye level with all the crotches passing through the shower and I don't think I've ever seen so many dicks in various states of arousal in one place before.

I moved on to the steamroom where everyone was just sitting around enjoying the humidity. Fuck that, I came to enjoy some dick :-) I was sitting on the lower of the 2 levels and this black dude with a nice big cock sat beside me a level up. For those of you who don't know, that's sauna language for suck my cock so I immediately wrapped my lips around his big black cock and set to work. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed me up and down which got me rock hard. I figured with my mouth full, I had to breathe through my nose which is what you're supposed to do in a sauna (breathe through your nose) so this could just be described as a technique. After only a few minutes, and after being totally consumed with the blowjob at hand, I turned around to see that I had inspired everyone else in the steamroom to get to business. All around me, boys were sucking cocks and even getting fucked. The place was filled with sweat and the sounds of slurping. Awesome.

I moved on to the slurp ramp. A place where guys who want to get their cock sucked go up about five steps and stick their hard dick through a hole and the cocksucker can just stand at the other side and wait for a cock to come through the hole - right at mouth level. It's quite convenient. Again, there was so much cock to be had - and the best guys who know how to make you gag and deepthroat.

After three loads, I was done for the night - but I'll be back soon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Man oh Man

Spring has sprung and so has my passion for cock. It seems nearly every day I'm walking around with a big hard lump in my underwear. Horny thoughts are passing through my mind at an ever-increasing pace.

And I've been in idulging in those thoughts and turning some into realities :-)

First off, I have not had many opportunities for piss play in my life - but I'm into it, particularly when I'm really horny (like I've been lately, right?). So the other day I met this guy on Manhunt. Mid-thirties, very nice cock, and he seemed up to indulging my watersports fantasy - which was to have a nice aggressive top who just starts pissing down my throat while I'm sucking his cock.

I had no idea what I was in store for.

1. He had the biggest cock I've ever handled. I was on my knees when he walked and when I unbuckled his jeans and this big thick piece of meat flopped out, I was in love - but that coupled with...

2. He was an agressive top even with oral. This guy was slamming my head down hard on his fuck stick, shoving that prick so far down the back of my throat I was gagging but had no choice other than to take it. I'd gag, but get rock hard everytime he shoved his cock all the way. But don't forget...

3. My piss play idea. This guy has drank so much water and he knew exactly what I wanted. He wouldn't let me pull off of his dick when he'd start pissing and suddenly I'd found my mouth full of his warm piss and I'd have to swallow repeatedly and without hesitation in order to not spill any out. Sometime he'd let out a stream of piss when his cock was all the way at the back of my throat and hold my head down as he emptied right down to my stomach.

This guy lasted a long time and my jaw (and knees) were aching. When he came, he grabbed the back of my head and moaned. My nose was deep was right up against him as his balls met my chin and his entire shaft pulsed in my mouth as he shot straight down my throat. He held me there, and again unloaded some more of his piss and then left.

That's exactly what these encounters are meant for. Just sex. Not looking for friendship, just to get off - like horny animals.

Had another guy come over last night. I have less to say about him but he had another amazing cock (I've been doing good lately) and came buckets. He was a very attractive 25 year middle eastern student from the nearby university with an amazing body.

Simply amazing.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sime & Awesome

I've never successfully hooked up from craigslist or anything like that - too many flakes - but that's until yesterday. I was staying at a hotel for business and was feeling like my usual horny self. You know the feeling, where you're walking around with a rock hard cock swinging in your legs and every thought is just about fucking dicks and asses and fucking and cumshots. When you're so consumed with the idea of cock that you can't pick up a cucumber or banana without wondering if you could deepthroat it and how good it would feel shoved up your ass.

Yeah, I was in that type of mood.

So behold - someone replied to my ad saying he's in the hotel I'm staying at. Now, at this point I'd been trying to arrange hook-ups all day and I'm in bed, about to turn in for the night - when tada this guy with a great looking cock pic says he's up for getting his balls drained. Right on. I tell him to lean back and leave his hotel room door open. I'll be there in a minute. I say keep the lights off and just let me suck your dick. He's cool with that.

My heart is thumping in my chest as I pass by his room, I pass by it twice too nervous to enter - but I do. He's already on the bed stroking himself, so I cross and start licking his ball and up and down the underside of his shift, feeling his dick pulse and grow under my tongue. Then I take the whole thing in my mouth and hear him moan and see, out of the corner of my eye, that he throws his head back in pleasure. A few minutes later and this guy is trying to warn me that he's going to cum so I bury my face down all the way until my chin is touching his balls and his entire shaft starts pulsing and shooting it's big load down my throat. I gulp it down greedily and pull up a bit so I can taste that magical stuff. Licking it till I've got the last drop, I tell the dude, "Thanks" and leave.

Simple yet awesome.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Things That Turn Me On

 1. Getting it on outdoors/ in public.
 2. Cum. In my mouth/ on my face.
 03. Double Penetration (haven't tried it - but want to)

 04. Aggressive tops.
05. Getting my face fucked.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine...

01. When was the last time you had sex? What were the circumstances? What did you Where did you/he cum?

02. Tell me about the hottest sex you can remember...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Understall Deepthroat

Totally new experience for me.

I had to attend a trade show in Boston last week. I just got back and had to share what happened to me.

On my second day there I was hanging in my hotel room. I'd bought myself a case of beer and was feeling a little buzzed and extremely horny (what else is new).

There was no one around on Grindr and craigslist seemed to be only full of guys into sucking or getting fucked and I was feeling the same craving as well and didn't want to waste an evening getting horned up over nothing.

Frustrated, I decided to head to the hotel gym and work off my frustration. Yeah, I was little tipsy but not so much that I couldn't walk a straight line on the treadmill. It was a big gym and usually empty. When I walked in, wearing my headphones, I noticed another guy on the elliptical. A good looking stranger with dark hair, a younger to middle-aged looking guy who I wouldn't have minded getting off with. He seemed lost in his work-out so I went over to the treadmills and set into a steady pace.

I have a bad habit of listening to dirty music when I'm at the gym. I have quite a collection of mp3's with filthy lyrics, even a few songs that are just the sounds of guys fucking and sucking set to music. I was listening to those songs on the treadmill and, needless to say, ten minutes into my workout I had raging hard-on bouncing around in my track pants. Embarrassed, I looked around but I was alone now.

Unbelievably horny, I decided to visit the bathroom and rub one out. While I was surprised by what happened next, I doubt you are. I walked into the two-stalled bathroom and saw that one of the stalls was occupied - and by my guy from the elliptical. I could tell from his shoes.

I took the adjacent stall and dropped my pants down around my ankles, my throbbing dickhead bounced against my bellybutton.

You have to know, I've never done the understall thing. I thought it was just reserved for politicans and straight guys.

My elliptical buddy didn't waste any time tapping his foot, and I tapped my foot back - not fully knowing what to expect. Luckily, he was the type of guy who didn't play coy and just stuck one of the juiciest fuck sticks I've seen in a long time under the stall wall for me to service. And I wasted no time.

The thrill of getting caught and getting off in such a public place was absolutely awesome. He didn't last long, and when he shot I made sure to swallow every drop - then he whispered 'thanks' and left and I finished myself off in my stall while still tasting his load on my lips.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


There's no denying it. Men are filthy whores. All men. Maybe not all the time, but our sex drives are just chemical and we would follow our dicks off a cliff.

God, I love being a gay man.