Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The First Time I Cheated

Is it cheating? I mean, really? We've both said that it's fine to play around on the side but I don't think either of us really expects the other to take advantage of it. I doubt that he will, he's always had a low sex drive, but I'm fine if he does. As for me, that's an entirely different story. I'm horny all the time and usually jerk off twice a day. My bar for who's fuckable is also a lot more flexible. I'm good with twinks and daddies and everything in between.

So if we're technically open, why do I feel guilty for sitting in my hotel room watching porn and wishing those cocks were in my mouth instead of on screen? My own seven inches has been constrained in my jeans for the better part of an hour. I haven't unzipped. It's not that I feel the urge to jerk off. That would certainly kill my lust but it wouldn't solve the problem. The problem is that I want to suck a cock.

I see the guy on the screen, hungrily slobbering over some other dudes thick shaft. I can tell he's in heaven by the urgency and enthusiasm of the blowjob and his own raging hard-on that's bouncing around while he's on his knees. Fuck, that looks like it tastes good.

From my single days I know there's a website that lists where guys cruise for sex. I very rarely indulged in that type of thing when I was in my twenties, but I just turned thirty and I'm starting to wonder about what I'm missing. That's kinda why we decided to be open, at least theoretically. After three years together, it was hard to imagine that his cock would be the last and only one I'd get to enjoy until the day I died. It was a weird thought and the idea felt ... unnatural and a direct conflict to my desires.

So I logged onto the site. You know the one. I typed in my city and, conveniently, there was a bookstore with glory holes only two blocks away. I'd never actually been to an adult book store before. The whole idea sounded quite intimidating. I started to go through the "what-ifs". What if I ran into someone I knew? What if somebody gross came on to me? All the worries were enough to make me consider jerking off and just taking a nap.

But something was different this time. The blowjob on the screen was a little too inspirational. I found myself leaving my room, the hotel and heading down the street. I still didn't really believe I was doing it. I passed in front of the store four times before going.

But I did go in. Eventually. My feet carried me over the threshold and up to the cash where I paid my admission. I passed through the turnstile and entered the dimly lit backroom that had cabins where you watched porn on different channels.

There was no one else roaming the hall, but one booth door was closed and a red light on the outside indicated it was occupied.

With my heart racing, pumping loudly in my ears, I quickly snuck into the adjacent booth.  It took me a second just to catch my breath. What was I doing? That erection I'd had while watching porn in my hotel was completely gone, erased by the tension and stress of going on this ridiculous quest.

I dropped some coins into the screen and switched to the gay channel. I could see the glory hole off to the side, the one that connected my booth with the other occupied one. I wondered who was inside that other room. Was he older? Attractive? Was he hoping to suck my dick instead of me sucking his? I'd done my research on glory hole behaviour, but how would it all play out in reality?

I ran my hand over my bulge just in case the other guy was watching.

I slowly lowered myself to my knees, to peek through but didn't have a chance to see anything as the stranger in the next stall fed his cock through the hole. It wasn't huge, but it was hard and clean. I paused for a moment. I mean, I didn't even know the guy this was attached to, and yet this was exactly what I wanted. I was now in the presence of a hard cock that wanted to be sucked. Wasn't this what I wanted? I hadn't even noticed myself becoming hard, but I was harder than I'd ever been.

So I started sucking. And it felt great. Tasting the soft, warm foreskin pass over my tongue, feeling the heat radiate from his balls and shaft as I went from slowly exploring to building the intensity. It wasn't long before he came. I didn't even really think about it or plan for it, but as I felt his dick twitch and spasm and fill my mouth with a rather large load of warm jizz, I gulped it down and kept sucking until his cock had softened and I'd received every drop.

Then he pulled away. I watched him zip up and leave, still having no idea what he really looked like.

I didn't need to jerk off. That's not what I came for. I'd received what I came for, and after waiting a few moments, I exited my booth and made my way out of the bookstore. It was only when I walked back into my hotel room and saw myself in the mirror that I noticed the huge pre-cum stain on my jeans. Fuck, I must have really enjoyed sucking that cock.

I collapsed on the bed. I could still smell him and taste him on my breath.

That was the first time.

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