Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Things That Turn Me On

 1. Getting it on outdoors/ in public.
 2. Cum. In my mouth/ on my face.
 03. Double Penetration (haven't tried it - but want to)

 04. Aggressive tops.
05. Getting my face fucked.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine...

01. When was the last time you had sex? What were the circumstances? What did you Where did you/he cum?

02. Tell me about the hottest sex you can remember...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Understall Deepthroat

Totally new experience for me.

I had to attend a trade show in Boston last week. I just got back and had to share what happened to me.

On my second day there I was hanging in my hotel room. I'd bought myself a case of beer and was feeling a little buzzed and extremely horny (what else is new).

There was no one around on Grindr and craigslist seemed to be only full of guys into sucking or getting fucked and I was feeling the same craving as well and didn't want to waste an evening getting horned up over nothing.

Frustrated, I decided to head to the hotel gym and work off my frustration. Yeah, I was little tipsy but not so much that I couldn't walk a straight line on the treadmill. It was a big gym and usually empty. When I walked in, wearing my headphones, I noticed another guy on the elliptical. A good looking stranger with dark hair, a younger to middle-aged looking guy who I wouldn't have minded getting off with. He seemed lost in his work-out so I went over to the treadmills and set into a steady pace.

I have a bad habit of listening to dirty music when I'm at the gym. I have quite a collection of mp3's with filthy lyrics, even a few songs that are just the sounds of guys fucking and sucking set to music. I was listening to those songs on the treadmill and, needless to say, ten minutes into my workout I had raging hard-on bouncing around in my track pants. Embarrassed, I looked around but I was alone now.

Unbelievably horny, I decided to visit the bathroom and rub one out. While I was surprised by what happened next, I doubt you are. I walked into the two-stalled bathroom and saw that one of the stalls was occupied - and by my guy from the elliptical. I could tell from his shoes.

I took the adjacent stall and dropped my pants down around my ankles, my throbbing dickhead bounced against my bellybutton.

You have to know, I've never done the understall thing. I thought it was just reserved for politicans and straight guys.

My elliptical buddy didn't waste any time tapping his foot, and I tapped my foot back - not fully knowing what to expect. Luckily, he was the type of guy who didn't play coy and just stuck one of the juiciest fuck sticks I've seen in a long time under the stall wall for me to service. And I wasted no time.

The thrill of getting caught and getting off in such a public place was absolutely awesome. He didn't last long, and when he shot I made sure to swallow every drop - then he whispered 'thanks' and left and I finished myself off in my stall while still tasting his load on my lips.