Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirty Whore

I've been such a dirty whore this summer and not in the way I expected.

I think it started with this guy I've hooked up with a few times when I'm at this hotel I stay at a bit on business. He's hot, young, and sports a great long cock I could suck on for hours. Thing is, I also have a nice sized dick and during our last encounter I totally spotted him eying it up. I'd just stood up to take off my shirt and he was lying on the bed. From where I stood, my cock was perfectly aligned with his ass, so I rubbed it against his hole a little bit. He moaned in pleasure and proclaimed he was versatile and asked if I would like to fuck him.

I haven't fucked any guy in a few years, so I warned him I'd be terrible and would probably shoot quickly. He said he didn't mind. So I rubbered up and lay on my back while he slowly descended on my cock. I'd forgotten how nice the sensation was. He went down slowly, gasping all the way. We didn't fuck for long (not because I was close to cumming but cuz he couldn't take it), and we finished off with him shooting his load down my throat.

It was kinda a pivotal moment for my summer because next thing I know, I'm hooking up with a guy in the park by the tennis courts. We're in the bushes and what we've arranged is a quick blow and go - with him doing the blowing. Something I'm totally not used to. I've also never done it in such a public place. We were literally a few feet from the sidewalk where a few people passed by, hidden by trees and bushes. He really enjoyed sucking my dick and gulped down every shot.

Then last week, my boyfriend was doing his homework and totally not interested in fucking. I was horny but not in the mood to get fucked. I just wanted a blowjob. A few blocks away, they're doing construction work and they've set up one of those portable johns. I'd used it a few nights before coming home from the clubs, and it was still shiny and new. So I arranged (thank god for grindr) for a guy to meet me in it and suck my cock. It was a little after midnight. The street was fairly quiet when I went in, the door slamming behind me. I left it unlocked, sat down and immediately started stroking my way to a hard-on. A few moments later, the door opened and my cocksucker popped in. It was hard to stay quiet, and I could see through the screens at the top as cars and people passed our little booth. It was exhilirating and I don't think I've ever shot so much cum.

Not my usual type of tale, as I'm usually the bottom and cocksucker but I figure the variety is good :)