Sunday, March 4, 2012

TSG: Theoretically Straight Guys

Virtually all men - straight or gay - need to bury their dicks inside hot holes to deliver that white load that drives them so crazy when it remains unexpended. For young experimental guys, if their need to do so leads them to accept a guy’s mouth or his ass as a viable substitute for the girl's mouth or pussy they might prefer, it's just the nature of the game.
A surprisingly large number of those who cheerfully accept the substitute become sufficiently curious about why the men and boys who suck their cocks or take their dicks up the ass seem so deliriously happy to do so, that they try it for themselves. There are also some who practice cock- sucking and passive buttfucking purely as a way of returning the favor to friends or friendly strangers who suck them off or welcome loads of their cum up the butt.

But whether it is curiosity or compensation that is the motive for a TSG, a Theoretically Straight Guy, to offer full reciprocity in homosexual lovemaking, he is liable-and quite probably likely-to find he enjoys it, and to seek repetition of the experience. This does not really alter the status of his TSG-hood.

The first time a TSG kneels in front of, lies below, or hovers over a guy with a hard cock that needs servicing, the sexual tension the throbbing prick represents is com-municable; he understands all too well the need it represents. The situation makes his own prick began to sliffen and grow, and he can even smell sex in the air. He can clearly see the need jutting out before his face, quivering at his mouth. He reaches out to encircle the shaft with his hand, and he can feel the pulse of unfulfilled lust coursing beneath the surface, and his own erection continues to swell and begins to throb. When his lips first open to admit the head of the needy hard-on, the taste of sex makes his blood run faster.

The wider his lips have to stretch to accommodate the cock-head, and the farther his lips are able to travel along the shaft, the more excited he becomes; in short, the bigger the prick, the greater the thrill. Hearing the moans of joy that the man or boy who now begins to drive a prick into his hungry mouth maximizes the TSG’s sexual intoxication, and he probably needs to stroke his own demanding cock as all his five senses come into focus and he begins to feel his willingness to service his fuckbuddy turn into a llilnger to do so-even though that appetite may have begun as obligation.

The feeling of his buddy’s asscheeks quivering and writhing as he drives that hard cock into his throat is very exciting, knowing from experience how exciting it is to be ramming his own cock into the hot suction of a hungry mouth while it is gripped by tightly compressed lips. He may gag at first, but as excitement grows, his ability to take more and more of his fuckbuddy’s prick matches that growth, and somehow, there’s even a sense of pride about managing to take it all- or most of it, in the happy event that the cock is so huge it's impossible to deep-throat it. Remembering only too well the ecstasy he always feels when he finally shoots his own load into a guy's throat, he resolves to take all the cum his partner can give him, without gagging or spitting it out. Then his fuckbuddy’s hands seize his head and pull his mouth as far down on the shaft as it will go, often burying the TSG’s lips in a tangle of pubic hair at the base, and the cum spews deep inside his throat-and even though he may wonder if he really
wants to eat the hot, viscous discharge, his buddy is so thrilled to offer it to him, gasping his relief and encouraging him to eat it all, that he swallows and licks the remainder from his buddy’s still-hard prick.

Like everyone else, whether they will admit it or not, he has often tasted his own cum, so he has a good idea what the load just blown in his mouth is going to taste like; he finds it doesn’t taste bad at all-in fact, as his own orgasm arrives, which his continuous mas- turbation during cocksucking has brought about, he finds he loves the excitement-enhanced taste and is looking forward to sucking
out another load very soon, hopefully in sixty-nine, with his fuckbuddy eating his own cum at the same time.

And that's only the beginning of the gratification the Theoretically Straight Guy finds in returning the favors a fuckbuddy has earned, and if he is perhaps just a bit less straight than he was before-perhaps he is now a PBG, a Potentially Bisexual Guy-he is that much more likely to enjoy what comes next.

Remembering how a casual sexual companion or a fuckbuddy registered pain while he entered him the first time he fucked him, and how that pain turned to joyous thrill in short order, the TSG or PBG is prepared to accept the pain as a necessary prologue to that joy. If the amount of pain he feels when his fuckbuddy begins to fill his ass with hard dick is more than he expected, the blandish- ments his fucker coos into his ear, and the anticipation of the bliss he has observed every boy or man evidence while he
fucked him, help to get him past the initial pain. Once the thrill takes over, the gentle encouragements his fuckmate has been whispering into his ear turn to fevered exhortations to enjoy the fuck. As the gentle encour- agements were perhaps needed to prepare him, no exhortations to enjoy it are actually required once the fuck begins in earnest.

In fact it is likely that the TSG himself will do the exhorting-urging and begging his fucker to hammer his ass harder, faster, and deeper, and to fill it with a hot load. By the time the first spurt of cum has exploded in his ass, he will most likely have discovered that getting fucked can be much more exciting and gratifying than fucking, although to that point he had thought there was nothing more gratifying than fucking. The feel of a big prick slamming in and out of him is so stimulating that he often needs
only a few strokes on his own cock to reach orgasm. After considerable experience, he will most likely decide that when it comes to taking a dick up the ass, and considerations of fucking technique being equal, the old axiom “the bigger the better” is applicable- within reason, of course.

If the Theoretically Straight Guy who has just enjoyed sucking his first cock is a little less straight than he was before, once he has learned not just the joy of cocksucking, but the thrill of getting fucked as well, he is exponentially less so - almost surely a PBG, and perhaps even a committed switch-hitter. Much to his astonishment, he might even find he is not straight at all! In any event, he will probably understand the position of the famous movie heartthrob Iames Dean, who-when asked if he had sex with men as well as women-said he didn't see any reason to go around with one hand tied behind his