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A Summer Update

Where did I last leave off?

The truth is I temporarily took a break from writing when I discovered that some very clever friend uncovered my blog. Since then I've come to realize that it doesn't really matter. I don't have any particular guilt or shame over my actions, though it was never my intention to personally gloat over my conquests. There is something refreshing about anonimity.

Where should I start? The summer?

I took a family vacation to Spain this summer. Absolutely beautiful. We did one of the VRBO things. Of course, after about one week of looking at the good-looking guys I was horny with full balls. That's the thing about that's weird lately. I used to be all about getting the cock in me, now it can go either way. It really depends on who I'm with. In this case, I met a guy on grindr and out intention was to meet so he could drain my cock. However, when we I finally left my family watching spanish television and playing on their iPhones for a few minutes and met up with him along a dark wooded path by the house, I found playing with his cock filled me with the absolutely necessary urge to suck it. In the end, I blew him, took his load, and we parted ways. It was pretty hot and out in the open, and all the more exciting cuz I was in a strange country.

The real craziness has been the last part of the summer.

It started one crazy drunke night with a friend where I introduced him to the bathhouse experience. The truth is, I don't think I've ever been to a bathhouse on a Friday before that night. It was crazy packed with sexy boys and the moment I dropped my towel in the shower and in the sauna, they were all over my like flies. It was quite nice. I normally consider myself quite average with a slightly over average cock, but I guess it comes down to confidence. I was a bit drunk and nonchalant and a variety of cute boys lined up to take a lick of my dick. I went to check on my friend who I could clearly hear fucking through the sounds of his room door so I headed out towards a park that's between my house and the bathhouse. I'd always heard about a cruisey area there where guys met up at midnight but had never been in the area at the right time. Well, I guess it was the fucking right time cuz these cute, young scruffy guys were on their knees in the shadows  I've never been in the middle of such a massive nighttime outdoor orgy and the guy who serviced my cock (while getting sucked by a different guy) gulped down my load greedily. As I walked away, he smiled a cocky smile and threw his own head back while the guy servicing him worked his own load out.

An incredibly hot night.

My final trip was to Chicago this summer where I got to visit a very famous sex club. I'd heard about it when I was young and it did not dissapoint. A playground designed for sex, I must have had half a dozen cocks in my mouth in the few hours I was there and in turn, got blown by at least five different enthusiastic cocksuckers.

This blog update is making me realize there's been a lot of blow jobs but not a lot of fucking this summer. That needs to be rectified immediately.