Monday, October 27, 2014

Respect Yourself

I've noticed a few ads on grindr where the user takes on a persona of ...classiness? "Not looking for hook-ups. I respect myself, you should too." "Respect your body." Somehow these users seem to think that being a slut and servicing cock is NOT respecting your body or yourself?

What the fuck?

That's exactly what I'm doing when I'm getting fucked or gagging on a big dick. A new, different big dick from the night before. A dick that's attached to a stranger. I am listening to my body and it's desires. I am respecting my sexual urges and playing them out. I respect myself enough to not deny myself the pleasure I naturally crave.

So. Yeah. Respect yourself.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Multiple Hook-ups

Let's see - there have been a few encounters I haven't had the chance to share. Again, I make no apologies - sometimes I just crave dick, need cum. Sometimes I just need to be held down and fucked, used, then left exhausted and still horny for more.

- Got back from a business trip and headed to the bathhouse in my city. I go quite a bit and usually it's just to see what's up and be in a sexual setting, it's often not even to hook-up, just to hear the sounds of guys fucking and gagging. Fucking hot. But this particular time I was sitting in the porn room just playing with the growing bulge under my towel when two guys walked over. Young, but with that right amount of body hair that's clearly masculine I guess they were a couple cuz, after a little cruise eye contact and body language, we headed to the shower. The tanned, muscular one got behind me and started rubbing his uncut cock up against my ass. That just always fucking drives me wild.  The other one got on his knees. I hadn't had a threesome in years and being in a public shower when anyone could walk by had me raging.  With the shower running it was fucking hot, and when the guy behind me stuck his fat dick in I shot a massive load of pre-cum down the cocksuckers throat. I think he thought I came cuz his response was an enthuastic moan. Incredible.

- While visiting New York, I experience another first. I hooked up with a hotel employee on Grindr. It was one of those anonymous scenarios where he just came to my room and unbuckled. It was hot because he was still in his uniform and had a huge dick. The kind of dick, that even though we'd only agreed to a blow and go - after a few minutes of passionately working his cock and balls I told him I needed him to fuck me. And he did. Hard.

- Most recently I hooked up with a college kid in an alley nearby. I hadn't cum in a week and he really wanted my load. He had a filthy mouth which drove me crazy and he dutifully drained me as it started to rain.

So yeah, I've been busy :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I realize I may not have been the best at chronicling my sexploits over the past few months. I feel that it basically comes down to me realizing that this blog was meant to be a way for me to keep track and remember, not necessarily dazzle you readers with fancy grammar.

I've been fairly non-sexual for the first half of the summer. I'm like that. I go through periods where I just happily jerk off once a day and that keeps my horniness in check. But eventually, I hold off on pleasuring myself and then my sexual appetite grows to require something more.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I was just in one of those states of mind where all I can think about is cock. Gotta do something about that. If I'm thinking about it, it's for a reason. I don't think about delicious, succulent , juicy cheeseburgers when I'm not hungry, right?

So I had all these nasty visions on my mind and started conveying them to some guys on Grindr to see who else was interested in helping me clear my head. This 28 year old guy with a picture of his big dick said he'd be happy to meet me down by the river and take care of my urge to get dirty and slutty.

So around midnight I follow this really cute kid into the bushes by the river - gotta admit I was fucking nervous, being out in the open like that - but horniness trumps nerves, cuz I followed him and he immediately unzipped and I got to my knees. No "Hello", No 'My name is..." just the sound of his zipper had me on my knees in the dark. 

His cock was soft but already quite large, with a lot of foreskin (which I love). I slowly let it slide into my mouth and almost immediately, his hands were at the back of my head as my mouth started to fill with his piss. I heard him sigh in relief as I gulped every drop his hardening cock had to offer. Once he was fully erect and no longer had to piss, he fucked my face and while I was trying my best to stay quiet I was so fucking horny that my moans and slurps would probably have been obvious tells to anyone passing by. By this point my shorts were soaked in precum. I'm not exaggerating. Having a big dick shoved down my throat is oftentimes enough to make me cum hands free.

He motioned for me to stand up, while he got on his knees and as he licked my balls he slid a finger, then two up my ass. If I wasn't hard before I was now absolutely rock grade.

He had me turn around and lean against a tree, I handed him the condom and applied some lube. 

It took a few hits of poppers before I could take his full cock - it was  that big - but after a few more hits I was actively  engaged in an intense fuck that went back and forth between his ravenous pounding and my backing myself up aggressively on his dick.

The plan had been for me to swallow his load, but I guess my ass was so tight or my pounding so intense that he shot inside.

While I'm feeling better today, I have so many fucking mosquito bites.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Flower Guy - When The Boyfriend's away...

So one day I was horny. Now I can hear laughter in 27 languages about that, but there ARE times when I'm not horny, but this wasn't one of them.

So I'm just like this huge walking cock, and all my attention is going to that fucker and it is just leading me around, poking the little head into everybody's business, and it takes me over to the flower shop. Just a few blocks from my condo. There's a guy there who I've traded blow jobs with before. He's got a great cock - and best part is - he's got a boyfriend. Like me. So we're both looking for the same thing. Now, he owns this shop with his BF so it's not the smartest thing for me to pass by in case he's around but at this point I'm just thinking with my dick, right?

And the Flower Guy's boyfriend's car is not around, so my cock decides to take a chance and go inside. I counseled against this move, but my cock is just not good at taking advice. So I did. Went inside, I mean, and F.G. is alone in there working and comes out from behind the counter to greet me and my cock, like What can I do for you guys? Or maybe just to greet my cock, it really is a fact lost to history, but my cock has reached it's destination and wants out of the car. So he looks around to see if there's anyone looking in the shop windows, and reaches over and squeezes my crotch a little and goes, How's that big ol' dick of yours? Oooh, man you are hard today, aren't you? (he really talks like that) Yes. See, my cock started this, and . . . . But he's nervous standing there in the shop so I sorta push him backwards by the groin, where I suddenly found my hand groping around, and we get behind the counter.

So this is better, and there's some quick groping, but he's still worried about having somebody's grandmother come in for peonies or something, but his cock doesn't seem interested in peonies, cuz it is sticking out of his fly the standard 8 inches, and I am ready to drop and cram it into me right there. So he reaches over and gets a work apron and puts it on so he can cover his cock fast if anyone comes in, which, when you think about it, really does not make much sense, but I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. But I've got my hands all over his crotch and his big long young cock and his butt and sliding my right hand between his cheeks and really hard up against his asshole and the back of his balls through the jeans, stroking that meat and his ass and stuff, and he's leaning on the counter with his shoulders hunched up and his butt bumped out a little, sucking in air between his teeth. My cock I guess is getting its comeuppance, cuz it's just waiving around out of the fly of my jeans, but sometimes hitting F.G.'s cock and sorta slapping it.

So I'm making some suggestions: Hey man, wanna get this big fucker down my throat? Wanna shoot that big sloppy load into me? Want me to stuff this huge motherfucker into me? Wanna suck my thick cock ? Wanna see it shoot big hard shots of cum? Like it when I stroke your dick? Wanna see your cock pump your load all over my face? Wanna see me lick your cum off? Like this? Do you like this, man? And he's just going Oohhh, yeahhh, real softly, sorta fucking his cock into my hand. And we have had sex quite a few times, but those two cocks were never harder or more ready than this. So I say, Let's fucking do it, man. And he backs up and pulls out his keys and goes and locks the door and flips over the sign that says Be Right Back, and comes over to me and just takes his jeans all the way off. And his little red underwear

Ah, my cock thinks, cool. So my jeans hit the floor, kick shoes off, step out, and we are both naked from the waist down and our super stiff pricks are jutting out to each other and we get in this close hug with these naked cocks grinding each other, hands pulling backs and shoulders and butts together. And then I say, Let's suck some fucking cock. So we do. We take turns bending down to take the cocks in our mouths, and stand up and stroke and get sucked, then bend down and suck and get stroked, and so on, and then we're both on our knees for some reason (I think he was worried about being seen through the windows), so we're down on the floor on our knees, and you know that's an impossible position to suck each other, but we end up scooting over in opposite directions toward each other's cock to try it anyway, and then suddenly we're laying on our sides, slurping up each others' stiff cock and I throw that fucking apron up on his chest.

So F.G. is sucking my cock with his usual enthusiasm, but also without much suction, but I'm in control of the blowjob, really, cuz I've got his cock right where I want it, and it's buried as far into me as it can go, and my left arm is over and around his hip, pulling his ass into me, and my right hand is squeezing his huge balls and rubbing all over his crotch and between his legs and up to his hole and stuff, and he's trying to buck his cock into me with little short fucking thrusts, but I just want that fucker in as deep as I can get it and let it just stay crammed down my throat for a minute. So my jaw is pretty well dropped and that big fuckstick is pretty deep, so I start turning my head and neck around it a little to just screw it tighter and deeper into me, cupping his balls hard into my chin, it's like I just want to SWALLOW this fucking cock, and maybe I would have, but the other end of it was still attached to him.

So he's doing something on my dick, but I really don't remember feeling his blowjob that much. It was just one of those times when I was getting so much fucking stimulation from blowing his cock that I was not thinking about my cock much, or maybe my cock was getting so much input from my brain that it didn't need the blowjob, I dunno. But he was blowing me, he just couldn't get the position that I had. And then I think I want him fucking his cock into me, so I roll over onto him, cock still deep with each stroke, and I straddle his head and lay on his belly and put both arms around his hips and under his butt, right out by his crotch where his cute cheeks curve down to his hole and the tops of his legs and I can use both hands to spread his ass apart from underneath. And on every deep stroke, I stuff his meat in hard and get a great view of his hole and his balls and my fingers spreading things apart down there, and his legs are just as wide apart as he can get them, trying to give me open access to his equipment and give him some fucking leverage from his feet flat on the floor. So he's using that, fucking up into me, bucking his hips and not really pulling out very far before I get another quick fuck back in. So my hands are in perfect position to help him throw this face fuck into me, holding his butt, the curve of his cock going perfectly down my matching throat, index fingers real close to his asshole, and it was like he could have been nothing but cock and ass. Like eating a watermelon. Just slamming that huge cock easily down my throat, pulling his cute butt up into me, feeling that rock hard motherfucker swelling and hot and cramming itself into me. Well, it seemed hot to me anyway.

So I'm also facefucking him, slamming my cock down his throat, sorta. I mean he's not able or willing to deepthroat it, and he's blocking it from going all the way in, but the position for him was not as good, and he has to bend my cock back towards his mouth, and I'm always a little worried about the guy on the bottom (which half the time is me) because he is really almost at the mercy of the top guy for his breathing. You can't just shove all that weight off you very easy, and when you're sucking cock from below like that, hanging balls tend to get your nose covered up, and it can be a problem. So even though my chest is laying on his abs, I use my knees to keep my hips up a little so I'm giving him room to breathe and still get as much of my shaft as he wants.

It sounds like this went on forever, but again, it takes longer to describe than to do, I mean we were both so fucking hard to start with, and this 69 is a major fucking event, neither one of us is trying to make it last, man, we are just trying to fucking shoot our wads as fast as possible. F.G. pulls my cock out briefly and says, Shit, SUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKING COCK MAN, I'M CUMMING RIGHT DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT! So I got that goin for me. Which is nice.

And he goes right back down on my cock while he throws another deep stroke into my mouth and his cock swells and starts that fantastic pulsing of his cumtube on my lips and my tongue is sticking out so I can feel the shots blow up his cockshaft and into me. I take the first couple of wads deep, and he obviously wants them deep cuz his hips are raised up off the ground and grinding his cockshaft into me with fast little swiveling fucks, and I go for deep, also. But then I slide down the shaft to get a quick breath, and his cum just keeps shooting into the front of my mouth, so I take a long slow deep stroke down on it so he can feel himself shoot his load all the way back down into me. And my cock is stuffed into his mouth so the sounds are just grunts and stopped breaths and stuff, but I'M MAKING A LOT OF FUCKING NOISE. Groaning and grunting and taking that big load of boyjuice and slurping and grabbing his ass and going Uh, uh, uh, uh, as he's giving me the short hard thrusts and the finishing cumshots. So he lets his hips hit the floor hard when he's done shooting, but I'm not done sucking. I am not gonna let go of this big cock until I'm done cumin.

So he's nice about it, or maybe just is always hot, but he's not like some guys who immediately lose interest in the other guy after they cum. He gets more of my cock in, or maybe now I just realize what's happening to my cock better, but it's a pretty good blow, and I scoot back a little and start fucking his mouth and take his cock out and look down between our bodies so I can see my thick cock sliding in and out of his mouth, and I'd have to say, it looks pretty fucking cool. And he's got his throat and my cock matched up pretty well, although that last inch or so never really gets buried. But his hands on my ass and balls and the sight of my cock fucking into him is hot and I feel the trigger and tell him I'm cumming (I warn him because he does not swallow), and go back all the way down on his still firm suckable cock, and just concentrate on the orgasm. He's stroking my cock really hard and fast and pointing it at his face and the cum just tattoos his face with some of the most intense wads I've ever fired. I don't remember how many, but lots of big separate blasts of huge sloppy cumloads, hit his face hard and splash around and he's shaking his head from side to side and the cum is flying off his face, getting on my legs and the floor and his shirt and it is a major fucking load.
Then he just gives my cock a few quick tugs and says real fast, Hey, we gotta get up. So we jump up, and he goes over to the sink and washes his face (which was pretty cute with all that cum on it), and we get dressed and he says, Goddamn, that was hot. Nobody's ever taken me all the way like that. And I say, Yeah, hot, man. Let's do it again. The pleasure was all mine. And it was. Or at least a lot of it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014



I feel like I always need to justify my actions, my relationship to people who seem to think every person has to fit into a certain neat cookie cutter mold. I'm not actively trying to recreate the definition of relationships. I'm just trying to live my life fully, honestly - and that means finding companionship and sometimes some strange dick.

Listen, I had my own adjusting to do myself - coming to terms that accepting your urges doesn't sully or demean the quality and validity of your heart. It finally came down to understanding that men, or at least myself and my partner got to a point where the idea of having sex with each other was a bit boring. When we do have sex , it's amazing but frequently I'm be horny for cock but not my partners cock and it turns out we both feel the same way. I'll be sitting there with a raging hard-on wanting to shove some guys hard prick down my throat - but the idea of it being his, sometimes isn't as hot as the idea of it being a different dick, different balls resting on my chin while a throbbing shaft unloads down my throat. It doesn't mean I love him any less. Just means I get horny and wanna get dirty.

The only reason the world rotates around the current relationship rules are because that's how history, society and religion have led us to exist this way. The goals are nice, but not universal, somewhat artificial, nearly impossible to truly live in - and we only get one life. We really do, a lot of the way this world operates happen because we accept the status quo of what's been done before. It doesn't mean a lot of the way we live is great. In many ways, history has tried and failed and now we have the luxury of living with rules that have been curated over the years. But when it comes to relationships and sex - the cu-ration has been done by those with a very limited mind.

So yes I've found my soul mate and my souls mate, the person I want to grow old with and the person I want to care for and I want him to have a full amazing life, filled with adventure AND I want us to have an incredible life long relationship. He wants the same thing.

Of course we want the fairy take happily ever after but the truth is that doesn't exist (or maybe it does but it's rare and just because it's a fairy tale doesn't make it any better than other dreams) because at some point Prince Charming thinks about a quick roll in the hay with a servant. And really the fact that he'll think it at all tarnishes that innocent idea of Disney monogamy. I'd rather make the best of something real. My fairy tale is better - because it's honest and attainable. I get to have the adventure of my life with my prince and don't have to worry about those desires. We've accepted them, incorporated, encouraged them - though within healthy limits that take into consideration dangers and emotions.

That's why he think it's fine if when I'm horny and he's not around, it's perfectly fine for me to seek out some strangers cock to plow me - so long as the encounter is purely sexual. The desire is purely sexual so the encounter should be confined to that as well. No affection, no friendship - just one off animalistic urges being realized. That urge for me is natural. I enjoy being dominated, mounted. Visually, seeing a new cock in front of me is exciting in a very natural way. In a brain is shut off and I'm simply reacting the way I'm physically meant to in this moment kind of way. To restrain myself or jerk off to get the fantasy out of my mind sounds a bit like a cop out, sounds like me trying desperately to purge my hormones so I don't pursue my actual desires. The fact that I know what I like: getting topped and penetrated, used for the pleasure of another - and believe me nothing makes me sexually more excited than that - the fact that I understand it so basically and that is so far removed from romance and love that it really makes me think that sometimes the two are at odds. Who would want to do something fucked up like that with someone they love? 

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes, yes. And when we do it's incredible because we know exactly what each other likes. And we've had to make up our own rules to make this work, because emotions get complicated, insecurities take over and jealousy can play an issue.

I do think there's a Jekyll and Hyde to it and I think that's how it should be - at least for me. It's hard to consolidate these two sides of myself or implement them in a way that doesn't turn heads or create gossip. Thing is...  I enjoy keeping them separate. I feel I'm entitled to something's in life that belong only to me, memories, admissions - that I am the sole proprietor for, that I will take to my grave (hopefully a very long time from now) and nobody will know about it

But this isn't advice. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. I do think gay people have a lot of trouble with the love part, isolating that companionship and romance in a permanent way and seeing the value of a lifelong partner. In an effort to try to be so dramatically different, something ends up broken. They understand the sex side but without a foundation of companionship (not cumpanionship) there's only so happy you can be. I'm just trying to be everything I think I am and think I want. In that respect, this is probably more than a gay issue. Everyone has needs.

My views now are a far stretch from what they were a decade ago.

To live without this freedom could mean that one day, one of us cheats and that singular act could unravel a relationship that is so much more than sex. So why should we let sex be the rule that could break it? Of course, emotions are more complicated than that - and we don't claim to be experts - but the one thing we do and have done for a decade is love each other and communicate. And the more we communicate the closer we are. The rules are always changing, being renegotiated. The only goal is happiness and the best life ever. It's accepting who are and loving who we are completely, not unapologetically or recklessly but with honesty, thoughtfulness and pride.

I'm pretty happy and proud of that.