Monday, October 27, 2014

Respect Yourself

I've noticed a few ads on grindr where the user takes on a persona of ...classiness? "Not looking for hook-ups. I respect myself, you should too." "Respect your body." Somehow these users seem to think that being a slut and servicing cock is NOT respecting your body or yourself?

What the fuck?

That's exactly what I'm doing when I'm getting fucked or gagging on a big dick. A new, different big dick from the night before. A dick that's attached to a stranger. I am listening to my body and it's desires. I am respecting my sexual urges and playing them out. I respect myself enough to not deny myself the pleasure I naturally crave.

So. Yeah. Respect yourself.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Multiple Hook-ups

Let's see - there have been a few encounters I haven't had the chance to share. Again, I make no apologies - sometimes I just crave dick, need cum. Sometimes I just need to be held down and fucked, used, then left exhausted and still horny for more.

- Got back from a business trip and headed to the bathhouse in my city. I go quite a bit and usually it's just to see what's up and be in a sexual setting, it's often not even to hook-up, just to hear the sounds of guys fucking and gagging. Fucking hot. But this particular time I was sitting in the porn room just playing with the growing bulge under my towel when two guys walked over. Young, but with that right amount of body hair that's clearly masculine I guess they were a couple cuz, after a little cruise eye contact and body language, we headed to the shower. The tanned, muscular one got behind me and started rubbing his uncut cock up against my ass. That just always fucking drives me wild.  The other one got on his knees. I hadn't had a threesome in years and being in a public shower when anyone could walk by had me raging.  With the shower running it was fucking hot, and when the guy behind me stuck his fat dick in I shot a massive load of pre-cum down the cocksuckers throat. I think he thought I came cuz his response was an enthuastic moan. Incredible.

- While visiting New York, I experience another first. I hooked up with a hotel employee on Grindr. It was one of those anonymous scenarios where he just came to my room and unbuckled. It was hot because he was still in his uniform and had a huge dick. The kind of dick, that even though we'd only agreed to a blow and go - after a few minutes of passionately working his cock and balls I told him I needed him to fuck me. And he did. Hard.

- Most recently I hooked up with a college kid in an alley nearby. I hadn't cum in a week and he really wanted my load. He had a filthy mouth which drove me crazy and he dutifully drained me as it started to rain.

So yeah, I've been busy :-)