Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Boyfriend is Home

Fuck. I've been edging all week, have my poppers and weed ready, and have been playing with my hole because all I can think about is cock. My boyfriend was going away for the weekend and all I've been thinking about is getting used and abused.

I've been taking my Prep for a few weeks now and this was finally the weekend where I could find some cocks to shoot loads in my ass but he just called and his family weekend has been cancelled. He's on his way back. So there won't be any random dudes pushing me head down into the mattress and busting a nut deep in my gut. I won't be on my knees servicing strangers all weekend.

Man, I realized I've never had sex while high on weed and was really looking forward to seeing what type of slut would emerge.

I'm so fucking thirsty for cum and desperate to be a cockhungry slut and faggot and now I've got to act behaved all weekend.