Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fat Cock and a Full Condom

I just got fucked by the thickest cock I've ever been fucked by. This dudes fat dick stretched my hole, fuck, I swear I didn't think it would fit. And it almost didn't. I have dildos and butt plugs that I play with but this fucker was the widest cock I've every experienced. He had to go slow and about two thirds of the way in I took a deep hit of poppers and my hole magically expanded inviting him to venture further. As for myself, I floated on the high from the poppers and sighed in exstasy as he filled me. Once I'd expanded and accommodated him I was like a pig in heat and addicted to the sensation of him plowing me in rough, deep strokes.

I have no idea who the guy is. We flirted a bit on manhunt but I offered to be face down and ass up on the bed blindfolded and he accepted the offer. Yeah, I was bit nervous leaving the door unlocked but the moment I heard his zipper going down I was rock hard in my cockring. He was clearly in need of letting out a good fuck. One hand wrapped around my throat, he thrust away violently grunting and moaning. He didn't cum quickly, which is impressive for how passionate the fuck was. We were both drenched in sweat when he finally came. He shot his load into the condom which I'm playing with now. He's not here. He left right after unloading. It's a huge fucking load in the rubber. Still warm.


I jerked off with the open end in my mouth, the warm liquid slowly sliding past my tongue and down my throat. The taste of his load was an overload for the senses and I shot my jizz all over my chest. My ass is still sore and loose as fuck and I'm in heaven.