Monday, February 29, 2016

On His Knees At A Movie Theatre

We had nowhere to go.

My boyfriend was at home, working on one of his artistic projects. So I was on grindr trolling for cock nearby. A bookish looking redhead who's profile clearly showed 'in a relationship' started flirting with me pretty hard. We swapped dick pics and before long - his a nice 7" uncut cock with trimmed coppery red pubes - and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my jeans with my hard on pressing up against the fabric.

I told him how I really wanted to suck that dick. He replied that mine looked like it would be a challenge to deepthroat but that he was up for the challenge.

Trouble was we both had boyfriends who were around. But we both wanted to play with each others cocks.

What's a boy to do?

Well, his dick pics had me getting imaginative. I suggested we go see a movie. It was mid-afternoon and the theatre nearby would be empty. I'd actually worked there for a few years so I had a few ideas of how we could play around without getting caught. The redhead said he felt he could probably swing it without arising too many suspicions.

I told my boyfriend I was going out to see a movie with one of my friends (I'm not stupid, I also texted that friend who knows I fuck around to know that I'd told my guy we were hanging out) and I headed to the theatre.

I met the redhead in the lobby and we bought tickets for some lame horror movie about a doll. It was bound to be the least attended showing happening. In person, the guy was much cuter than his profile led on. I was impressed. A bit scrawny but very attractive. I'm fine with scrawny. Makes the cock look bigger.

We made small talk as we headed to the right room, the usual awkward dance of pretending to care, and once we were in we headed right to the back row.

"What's your boyfriend doing right now?" I asked.

"His friend from Miami is over. They're going over vacation videos. Boring as fuck."

Then, he placed his hand on my leg and my dick immediately sprang to life. I have no idea what the previews were about. The moment the lights dimmed, we were making out and heavy petting pretty hard.

The moment the lights went out and the movie started he pushed the waistband of my jogging pants down and started stroking my cock out in the open. Clearly this guy was horny. We had talked about having to be discrete. It was daring of him to be so open out in public but he kept moaning through our wet sloppy kisses and whispered that he was fucking horny and needed me to shoot my load down his throat.

Luckily the theatre remained empty once the film started.

"When was the last time your boyfriend fed you his load?" I whispered, rubbing my hand along the outline of his own sizeable bulge.

He whimpered and playfully bit my lip, "He's never horny. It's been a week. Man, your cock is huge."

I don't know what I expected. Mutual handjobs? Perhaps a moment where he leaned over while jerking me off to drink up my cum? That's not what he did. He flat out got on his knees and started sucking me off. He must have been incredibly horny. I kept an eye on the entrance. It was absolutely thrilling and dangerous and this dude was a fucking amazing cocksucker. His boyfriend was really missing out. His finger worked it's way up my asshole and as he massaged my prostate, gobs of pre-cum oozed out, which he quickly lapped up. After a few minutes of having my cock deepthroated and slobbered over I felt my orgasm approaching.

"I'm going to cum." I said in a low voice, grabbing the back of his head and shoving him down deep on my cock. I shot a huge load, at least six or seven thick ropes of cum, down his gulping throat while he moaned his satisfaction.

He kept sucking my softening cock for a while then got back in the seat beside me.

I gave him a deep kiss, tasted my cum, told him 'thanks' and left. I really didn't need to watch the rest of the movie with this dude and to be honest, once I've cum I'm ready for bed.

He messaged me on the way home telling me that my load had been huge and he'd be ready for another meal whenever I'm horny. I told him I'd let him know.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Usually it takes a sip of liquid courage but last night I didn't require it.

I was on grindr and horny and the playful texts with the guy a few buildings over gradually turned into propositions.

He came over.

I wish I could go into greater detail but in the end we sixty nined for over an hour. Just two guys lost in the heat of the moment, sucking and chocking on each others cocks. I wasn't high but I felt like I was. The room began spinning as he did things with his tongue in mouth that nearly made me shoot.

When I did, it was a mess.