Monday, March 21, 2016

The Biggest Load

I have sucked a lot of dick in my life. And I really can't remember a time that I didn't swallow.

This guy I hooked up with last night shot the biggest load I've ever swallowed. And I don't mean it was a little bigger than the next biggest load. The volume of jizz that erupted out of this kids cock was ridiculous and amazing.

I didn't see it cumming. I've never met the guy before and I mean, he did mention how he was super horny on Grindr but it's not like he was leaking precum or anything. And I sucked him for quite a while before he shot. I guess it's what the people of Pompeii must have experienced when Vesuvius suddenly exploded. Just boom. Out of nowhere. His dick just swelled, got super hard, and then a powerful first shot of sperm hit the back of my throat

I couldn't let a drop go to waste so I swallowed. I mean, fuck, the first shot pretty much filled my mouth so I had to. It was a loud and full gulp. And I have to say what was fucking hot was that I could feel his warm jizz make its down my throat to my stomach, you know, the way a cold or hot drink on an empty stomach can be felt all the way down. I hadn't eaten that afternoon so I could literally feel his massive load make its way deep down.

Even more impressive? He said that's how much he normally shoots. So yeah, I hope to make him part of my regular balanced diet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating


When you go to fuck your guy, you notice that he doesn't need much warming up or lube. Your dick slides in easily, almost as if something bigger has been plunging in and out of there when you're not around. This is because your man is addicted to cock and will have one shoved up his ass whenever the opportunity arises, especially not yours, especially when you're not around. Pretty much any hot guy could ask your boyfriend to bend over and he'd happily comply. Actually, knowing your slutty boyfriend it doesn't really matter how hot he is - just that he has a big cock and can shoot a big load.


When you go to kiss your boyfriend you can't help but notice the smell of jizz on his breathe. It's not your imagination. He swallows loads when you're not around. Yeah, even if the deal was he could play around on the side but safe, chances are he's still at least swallowing the loads of any alpha tops who tell him to. Whenever the chance arises, which he makes sure is often, he gulps down every hot load of sperm accessible to him and he loves the sensation when he can feel the balls twitch against his chin while a fat cock unloads down his throat. On the way home from work, while you're waiting for him, if he can fit in a quick load before walking in the door, he'll find it.


You notice he winces in pain when he's getting up or kneeling to get something. That's because when you're not around he's constantly on his knees, either sucking dick, or on all fours getting fucked. At the park, in the bushes or just in the doorway of some tricks home while he sneaks in a quick session. He likes to spend as much time as he can on his knees worshiping cock and can lose track of time in the presence of a fat prick. Your man loves servicing cock and will do it whenever he gets the chance.


When you do the laundry you notice tons of cum stains in his briefs. While not exclusively a sign of cheating, it typically means your man is horny all the time and you're not man enough to take care of him all the time. He's constantly fantasizing about the next cock he's going to play with - which won't be yours. Even more likely, there's some specific guy out there that's either making him leak that ball juice. As soon as you're busy, that dude is getting his load. Or it's from all the foreplay from his fucking around.


A sign that some alpha top is slapping his ass while pounding him. You think that fine ass of his belongs to you? Those marks are a sign that your man has another guy on the side who owns his ass when you're not around and that top couldn't give a fuck if he leaves marks and you know about it.


He's on grindr finding out where there's cock nearby. And if there is cock nearby he's going to make some excuse to leave. Going for a jog?  Picking up something at the store? When he excuses himself he's fucking some stranger in a bathroom stall or sucking their dick in an alley.


Your boyfriend used to have to work to take your full cock down his throat but now he seems to be able to swallow it all pretty easily. This is because some dudes with much bigger dicks have made his mouth their fuck hole and he's become accustomed to taking their big dicks. He's been complaining about a sore throat lately? That can happen when you constantly have massive pricks pounding down the back of your throat.


Guys usually feel the need to cum every couple of days and if he's not up for your ass it's because he's getting somebody elses when you're not around. That's right, that load that's meant for you is being shot up some strange willing guys mouth or asshole. That hole is new and is so much more eager to receive his cock. There's no shortage of horny bottoms who would gladly ride your mans lap and milk his cock to get every drop of his load inside of them. Everytime you've made an excuse why you weren't up for fucking he just found somebody else to drain his balls into. He likes spreading his seed into as many guys as possible.


He's pretending you're someone else, like that trick he fucked on your bed while you were away. With your head down on the pillows he can use his imagination to pretend you're one of your friends, that sexy waiter from the restaurant you just ate at or the cute young twink he pounded when you were out of town. Be grateful for getting his cock and don't ruin the fantasy. Keep your head down and stay quiet. If he can really get into his fantasy you might just feel the type of passion the cute guy down the street feels when your boyfriend comes over.

10. He spends a lot of time at work/library/gym/beach/park.

There's a small chance he's actually at those places, but if he is, he's most likely swapping DNA with a hot guy who isn't you. It's remarkably easy to find a random guy who's willing to get dirty with no strings attached and the venue can be somewhere easily accesible.

Did I miss anything?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gimme That Cock - Fucking Music and Video

Felt like being creative the other day so I mixed together a song using sounds of real guys fucking. I liked the song so put together a little video to go together with it (features a few of my favourite internal explosions).


Friday, March 11, 2016


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where You Belong

 This is where you belong. On your knees with a warm, throbbing cock in your mouth.
 The fact that he's wearing a cock ring tells you what kind of night it's going to be. He wants to be rock hard and last a long time. Which is exactly what you want.
 The feeling of his salty, soft flesh sliding over your tongue drives you crazy.
 You are in heaven when a cock is buried balls deep down your throat,
 The feeling of warm lips lapping at your shaft, tonguing your balls and sucking your cock is pure bliss.
 Savour every inch of that fine piece of meat. Give it pleasure. Worship it and work for that load.